DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Post-Boston Post

Back from a long weekend to attend a wedding in Boston.

The wedding was very awesome! There was karaoke instead of dancing. The opening song by the brides was one of the songs from One Piece. I joined in a little later for Cruel Angel's Thesis and Rinbu Revolution. (Neither of which i really know well enough to sing a credible version of, but hey, it's karaoke, and there were other people singing who could carry the weight =)

Because we were busy (and tired from a red-eye flight in) we didn't really get to see much of Boston aside from some pretty cool looking buildings that we passed by on the way to various places.

However, speaking as someone who is considered rather odd even by the standards of Seattle, i have to say that the people in Boston seem to jaywalk quite a lot and wear far more clothing than the weather would seem to necessitate :)

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