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Friday Fun Stuff: Videos Galore!

It's been awhile since i did a Friday Fun Stuff, but that does mean i have a lot of things saved up from G+!

Aircraft Cosplay
No, not an aircraft dressed up in a costume. There's a con that takes place in South Carolina on an aircraft carrier. Someone made a cosplay music video at that con. Not the most amazing cosplay video or the greatest music selection, but the setting is cool.

This is a video from the How It Should Have Ended people which sums up most of the problems with Michael Bay's Transformers movie in a very amusing way.

Here's a trio of well done but rather disturbing videos

This one starts out kind of weird and creepy. Then it turns cute. Then it turns kind of weird and creepy again.

This one starts out melancholy. Then it gets sad. Then it gets downright morbid and creepy.

This one just gets progressively darker as it goes on, albeit in a morbidly humorous way.

It's interesting that vimeo seems to have all the well done but disturbing stuff.

So back on youtube, this video is just awesomely cute. Assassin's Creed, with cats.

A short LEGO video, Star Lord, Mal and Han discussing why you should always shoot first.

This is the opening musical scene of Guardians of Galaxy, done in Destiny machinima. It's cute, but sadly Destiny doesn't seem to have the range of options necessary to give the scene true justice.

Finally, it's too late to contribute to the indiegogo (it funded on Oct 1st with almost 600% of their goal) but here's the promotional video by a bunch of ex-Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks people for a project to make an animated steampunk movie.

Okay, i think that's all i've got. Hopefully i managed to keep track of all the relevant posts and didn't accidentally repeat anything.
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