DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Rollerblading and (Not) Eating

Since the 36 hour fasting last week seemed pretty easy i decided to try again with 48 hours, just because it seemed like a more even number. (And don't worry people who think i do stupid things with my health, that's as far as i care to take it.)

On monday i had a moderately large lunch and a moderately large dinner, which i think i finished up close to 6:30. Tuesday i had a bunch of flavored caffeinated water and a diet coke or two, but that was it. Wednesday i decided to see if i could get by with just plain water during the day, which was annoying but manageable. I was tempted to call it quits at 41.5 hours since the food group at lunch was going to one of my favorite local restaurants, but i persevered.

I left for the beach shortly after 3, got there around 3:45, and was rollerblading just after 4:00. I was definitely not feeling super-energetic, but it's hard to say how much of that was not having eaten in about 45.5 hours and how much was that it was a relatively chilly 72 degrees out.

But despite feeling somewhat lethargic i actually managed to go a little further than i had either of the previous two weeks, though i did take a couple breaks along the way. The total round trip was just over 11 miles. According to the map i got to just above the southern portion of LAX. If i actually got in decent shape i might even be able to make it up to Marine del Rey and back in a reasonable time, which would be approximately a 14-15 mile round trip.

Stats: Time - 1:32:59, Distance - 11.08 miles, Calories - 911, Avg Speed - 7.1 mph, Max - 13.3 mph, Total Climb - 151 yds.

I met back with Avalyn on the way back and after changing out of rollerblades we went to Chelsea's. It was about 6:15 when we got there, but i couldn't resist ordering a margarita and the bratwurst appetizer before the official 48 hour mark at 6:30 so technically it was only a 47.75 hour fast :)

Overall it didn't seem very difficult, but it was kind of annoying having to skip lunch for two days.
Tags: exercise, food, rollerblading

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