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Got my first paycheck today.

Between the 7% raise i got, the 6% that's not going into 401K and the 10% that's not going into stock purchse, my biweekly check is now about $400 more =) Of course a lot of that should be going into the savings that i'm not getting from the 401K or stock.

Speaking of stock, EA just did their quarterly report thing and posted big gains. The stock briefly peakes at about $59 and is back down to $55. Sigh, i do no thave the time to pay close attention to the stock market =P

EA did get upgraded to "strong buy" whatevet that means, so hopefully the price will go back up some more before i have to exercise my options. *grumble*

And as long as i'm talking about money stuff, we had a company meeting on tuesday. Apparently they only have meetings here once a year, although they're thinking of making them quarterly. This was comapred to at least two meetings a week at Westwood =) I'm still not sure if the lack of company-wide meetings is a good thing or a bad thing. It was kind of nice to have one time a week when everyone would get together and have a snack and hang out a bit.

But in any event there was some important information at the meeting. For one thing we're apaprently working on or will be soon more than just the one original title, which is cool. Also they've decided to switch the royalty scheme to something more like a profit-sharing scheme which really suprised me cause i hadn't known there was a royalty scheme in the first place =) So now i know that a year from now i'll be getting some kind of bonus, possibly a really big one! =) This should be in addition to any completion of project bonuses i get =)

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