DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Recaps: Rollerblading

Me heel turned out not to be as blistery as i thought, so i went rollerblading before trivia again last wednesday.

It felt like i had a slightly easier time than last week, though part of that was probably that i tried taking the walking path, which is more smoothly paved, rather than the biking path for the first part of the route. (I'm not sure which i'm technically supposed to be using, but i've seen other skaters on both paths, as well as the occasional jogger down on the bike path.) I also didn't go quite as far this time. Just after getting past the big smokestack building thing i checked Google and noticed that Avalyn had already arrived in Hermosa Beach, so i turned around even before she texted me. That meant that i cut at least a mile or so off the total route _and_ it meant i didn't have to go up the big hill that i got to last week.

Meanwhile Avalyn had decided to go walk on the beach, which meant that i didn't encounter her on my way back, so instead i just went all the way back to my car. She found me just about the point that i finished changing out of my rollerblades. However since i didn't stop partway back this time CardioTrainer is convinced i went the same distance as i did last week.
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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