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Recaps: Clubbing

inkbot and Avalyn and i decided at the last minute to go to Malediction last friday night. We got there sometime between 10 and 10:30. We were supposed to be meeting another friend there but she ended up not arriiving until a fair bit later.

It's been awhile since we've been to Malediction/Ruin. It's back at the old place now (Monte Cristo, now Rooftop something-or-other) but for some reason i stopped getting updates about what events are happening when. I subscribed to the LADead email list a long time ago and got regular updates about what clubs were happening when for quite some time. Those updates stopped a couple years ago however and now the only time i know what's going on is if if Avalyn or Inkbot see it on Facebook.

But anyways even though we were running a little later than intended we still managed to get there in time for the RSVP discounted $5 price, which i always feel a little guilty about taking advantage of.

I saw a number of people there i recognized from years back, but it was mostly new people (to me at least) which is presumably a good thing for the club. Conversely there was a lot of music i recognized and a couple new songs which i liked and now have to figure out what they are.

I spent awhile on the main dancefloor while Inkbot and Avalyn were getting drinks and drinking them. When the fourth person showed up we all moved into the back room where the music was more on the goth side of the goth-industrial scale. I then spent the rest of the night bouncing back and forth between the two rooms, depending on what was playing. I definitely wasn't feeling super energetic for most of it, but i didn't have any trouble keeping going the whole night.

We didn't quite close the place out, but we were definitely there past one. According to CardioTrainer i spent about 2.5 hours dancing and burned 934 calories. I'm not sure how much i trust its calorie calculations in this case however. (Actually, i don't really ever trust its calorie calculations, but even less so than normal in this case.)
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