DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff - Lucas and GRRM

A cute and amusing LEGO video:

Which reminded me of this song, "Thanksgiving", off of Paul and Storm's newish album, "Ball Pit":

Plus, as an added bonus, here's a recording of a live performance at a Paul and Storm concert, made by Wil Wheaton while he was backstage. Which i'm including just because i happened to be in the audience for that particular show :)

And because i've been listening to that new album all week i've gotten the first song, "Write Like the Wind" stuck in my head. I've posted this one before, but i'm reposting it now anyways, just because.

(So when _are_ Paul and Storm going to get back around to LA anyways?)
Tags: fun stuff, music, videos

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