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I finally went rollerblading again yesterday afternoon, for the first time in over a year!

I obviously couldn't rollerblade right after breaking my wrist (*cough* except for the one or two times at Wumpskate just before they closed) and by the time my wrist was officially healed it was getting a little late in the year and things were getting cooler. And then by the time spring rolled around again i was living in LA and didn't have easy beach access.

But after the heat wave last week i really really really wanted to go rollerblading again, and decided that i ought to do so on wednesday before trivia (and then not get too close to anyone during trivia =)

I left work a little early and got to the beach around 3:45, and started rollerblading right around 4. I went north and figured i would turn around when Avalyn showed up and meet her partway through the usual pre-triva beach walk. I spent about 40 minutes going north until she texted me, then about 35 minutes going back south until we intercepted each other.

I am clearly very out of shape however. Wasn't going anywhere at my usual speed with my usual energy. But as usual when starting up again after a long break i definitely pushed myself too far. About halfway back toward Avalyn/my car i started feeling like i was probably going to get a blister on my right heel. Thankfully it didn't acutally finish forming by the time i was able to get out of my rollerblades, though that spot is definitely still sore. Hopefully i won't have to spent more than a week waiting for the proto-blister to heal.

On another note, why is it that no matter which beach i go to in the greater LA area, it always seems a lot easier to go South/East than it is to go North/West?

So according to CardioTrainer the stats were: Time - 1:15:20, 8.33 miles, 738 calories burned, 6.6 mph average with a peak 12 mph (presumably during one of the downhill bits =) and a total climb of 98 yards.

And then i went to trivia and ate too much food, thus probably negating any benefit from the rollerblading =P But at least we managed to eke out 1st place by a margin of 1 point, after a _horrible_ 8th round :)
Tags: exercise, rollerblading

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