DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Wheel of Time

Since it will be awhile until Words of Radiance comes out in paperback, and even longer until the next book after that comes out, i'm thinking of finally getting around to continuing Wheel of Time.

It looks like the last time i posted to r.a.sf.w.rj was in 1996, however i think i did get through Path of Daggers after that. I don't think i got around to Winter's Heart, or at least i believe that's the one where my sister warned me "nothing happens" and scared me off. (I could be off a book in either direction on that however.)

But in any case i'm very vague about what exactly was going on when i left off. I seem to remember Matt was wandering around some strange city on his own. The Seanchan invasion was going on. Asmodeal(?) had been shuffled out of the story awhile ago but we still hadn't learned any details about what exactly was going on there.

So since i know there are at least a few people reading this who are knowledgeable about the subject, what's the best place to go to refresh myself on what's been going on and/or figure out where exactly i am in the series?

And while i'm at it, did the books in the middle really get as bad as i've heard, and would it be worth just skipping any of them and reading the recaps instead?
Tags: books, sf/f

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