DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Europa Universalis 4 (Again)

So after taking over southern Korea my plan was was to wait until the truce expired and then claim their last two provinces. In the meantime i had the option for a mission to convert one of the Korean provinces to Shinto, which seemed easy enough so i accepted it. It was only a little later that i realized that one of the other missions would have gotten me a Casus Belli against Okinawa and allowed me to take that over.

"Oh well," i shrugged. The conversion mission would be done pretty soon, then i could go take care of Okinawa quickly, then i could finish off Korea.

And then my monarch died. And a regency council was instituted for the 5 year old heir. And my stability dropped a point. And the religion conversion time went from about three years to 8-10 years. *sigh* (One of the other richer provinces would now take 1111 months to convert at this point, or almost 100 years.)

Well i had to wait awhile for the truce to expire anyways, so no rush. Let's sit and fast-forward time for awhile. And then suddenly, before i realized the two province nub of Korea started kicking Manchu ass. In fact the first indication i saw was when i scrolled around a bit and saw that Korea had gone from two provinces to five or six, and had a couple more Manchu provinces occupied.

Well this was pretty good news! I'd already demonstrated i could kick Korean ass, so in theory if they wanted to destabilize Manchu first before i continued my march north, gobbling up Korean provinces as i went, that would be great!

Around this point the Oirat approached me with an offer. I'd made some diplomatic overtures to them earlier and now they wanted to form an Alliance. They didn't seem too pleased with their neighbor Manchu, who i was going to have to deal with as soon as i was done with the Koreans. So i went ahead and agreed.

Fast-forward a couple more years and hey! I finally got enough Administrative points to buy the fourth level and unlock my first Idea! It was around 1502 or 1503 at this point. And right at the same point Oirat decided it would be a GREAT idea to declare war on the Ming empire. So as an alliance partner i was given the choice to join them or lose about 25 prestige, which at this point is around half my total.

At first i thought it would be okay to join in and just do nothing. After all i didn't actually share a land border with Ming. So i said okay. And then immediately discovered that one of my fleets was sharing an ocean space with a Ming fleet. A very large Ming fleet. A Ming fleet that was larger than my entire navy. Within a year almost half my navy was destroyed and the rest was all hiding in port, a lot of it repairing damage from narrow escapes.

So after some consideration i reset back to right before i made the alliance with Oirat. This is my first game of Europa Universalis ever (albeit now on the third major reset) so i'm not too concerned about trying to do it Ironman.

So now i'm back about where i originally left off. I've unlocked the Exploration three and bought the first two nodes, so i can buy Explorers and Conquistadors now. I've got my single colonist working on Hokkaido now, while i wait for the religious mission to wrap up before i tackle Okinawa and then have a fleet free to go exploring. Oh yeah, and me heir finally came of age (and has much better stats than the old monarch did, yay!)

So my plan is to eventually get to the Americas of course, i'm just not sure if i should be going north and east to Alaska or across the south Pacific. Meanwhile of course i'll be trying to wipe Korea and Manchu off the map. Hopefully after that i can keep the peace with both Oirat and Ming until i'm able to encounter a European colony in the Americas and start the Westernization process.
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