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New Nintendo 3DS

I spent most of Labor Day weekend doing chores, sitting around the apartment playing video games while Avalyn took care of her sister's dog, or sitting around the apartment reading "The Way of Kings" while Avalyn took care of her sister's dog because the power was out so i couldn't play games.

While i was doing all that i missed one (maybe) big news story of interest.

Nintendo announced a new 3DS. Literally named "New 3DS". (When you go into GameStop do you have to differentiate whether you want a new New 3DS or a used New 3DS?)

It's not quite a new handheld generation, but it's not a "simple" upgrade like the XL was. In fact there's going to be both regular and XL versions of the New 3DS.

They are adding two new shoulder buttons and a second analog stick. Which sounds awesome, except the second analog stick is just a nub, a little like the camera stick on the N64 controllers. It has a new faster processor and there will be some exclusive New 3DS games, but the New 3DS will play all old 3DS games just fine, and it sounds like they will continue to make new old 3DS games. It's also going to have a NFC reader (so they can sell you those amibo/skylander figure things,) better viewing angles for the screen, and a micro SD card slot. And possibly some other minor features i'm forgetting.

The best comparison i've heard is that it's a bit like the GameBoy Color, except the undistinguished name makes it even more confusing than that.

All in all i'm not sure if this is the best idea, as opposed to waiting until they can do a real next generation, (and i'm pretty sure the name _isn't_ the best idea,) but i'll probably pick one up anyways. The right trigger button on my 3DS is almost completely jacked from playing the Mii games, and i've decided the screen on the regular 3DS is too small to play DS games on.
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