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Lack of Cons

It's probably obvious given that i posted about the Hugos on LJ instead of busily tweeting them live, but i didn't end up going on the epic WorldCon/LonCon3/Europe/ShamrokCon tour like i was considering awhile back.

Avalyn didn't have enough vacation time this year to come along, so i would have been paying for the hotel myself, and also traveling by myself. Which wasn't a definite deal-killer but definitely damped my enthusiasm somewhat.

In the end between the cost and the amount of vacation time i'd need to take and the amount of stress from dealing with that much travel i decided to pass.

However i put of the decision for long enough that i guess i'm not going to DragonCon this year either. (Well, i haven't actually checked flight prices, but the odds of being able to get a reasonably priced flight at this point are pretty much non-existant.)

Which is all kind of epically dumb because last year i skipped DragonCon on the theory that i ought to be saving money for the WorldCon thing this year =P

But i did make it to SakuraCon, and both Avalyn and i made it to BayCon and Anime Expo, and we'll definitely be going to LosCon (i think we already ordered passes for that, but i'm not 100% sure) so it's not like the year is a total loss for conventions.
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