DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Master of Orion - WTH RNG?

I always try to remember to save the game right at the start of a new game of Master of Orion. Years and years ago when i sucked at the game i'd sometimes go back to the start after not doing too well and make another attempt. Now days i generally don't do that. Pretty much the only two times i'll reset are if it turns out to be a really tough spot where i think that even with foreknowledge it would be a challenge, or if i manage to send my first colony ship to Orion, where it gets blown away by the Guardian.

I just started a new game as the Sakkra. I was in the lower left corner, with exactly two stars in colony ship range, a blue star in toward the core and a red star further out in the corner. Okay, obviously try to expand coreward and carve out an area for myself. Three turns later... oh look! That blue star was Orion. Okay, this is going to be a tough game. Sure hope that red star isn't inhostipitable!

Well no, it turns out it's hospitable. It's a size 60 Ultra Poor world. Fuck. I don't expect this game will be lasting long.

Edit: It turns out that within the initial scouting range there are, aside from my starting world, Orion, and the Ultra Poor world, 3 Barren worlds, a size 90 Terran, and ... a size 85 Ultra Poor =P
Tags: video games

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