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Robots In Control

CGP Grey has another video out, this time a very well thought out argument about why we should be concerned about the rise of robots (in the work place.)

It's hard to argue the "should be concerned" side when it's so easy for the opposing side to just respond "jobs eliminated by technology in the past have always been replaced by other jobs, you're just being a Luddite."

"It's never happened before so it won't happen in the future" isn't a very logically sound argument, but it does hold a certain amount of emotional weight.

But in any case, the rise of robots could either bring about a communist/socialist utopia unlike anything any political revolution could ever dream of achieving, or it could bring about a cyberpunk/Elysium/Snowpiercer type dystopia with 99% of the human race being not just poor but totally unemployable. More likely of course we'll muddle through somewhere in the middle, though probably enduring a lot of growing pains along the way.
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