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Weekend - Random Recap


So as previously mentioned on friday we walked to the mall and saw Guardians of the Galaxy. We got tickets for 9:30 to make sure we'd have time for dinner first, and may have overestimated a bit. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and ordered too much food. Sadly we couldn't really do leftovers since we still had about an hour or an hour and a half to wait for the movie, then two hours for the movie, then a 30 minute walk back home. So about 4 hours we'd have to lug the food around before we could put it in a fridge.

After that we wandered around Cost Plus and Barnes & Noble for awhile before going to the movie.

We got home around midnight and Avalyn went to bed pretty much right away, but i was still feeling awake so i stayed up for awhile playing Master of Orion. And by "awhile" i mean until about 5 am =P


I had discovered on friday that the Lime Truck was going to be at an event in LA called "Street Food Cinema", which involved food trucks, a band, and a showing of "Dazed & Confused". I was seriously considering going to that just for the Lime Truck, but after discovering that you have to buy tickets (at $12 each) just to get in regardless of whether you want to see the movie or not i reluctantly decided to pass.

Maybe if we hadn't spent about 6 hours the evening before on the whole movie adventure i would have gone for it, but we were both feeling kind of tired. I didn't want to stick around for the movie and i didn't want to pay $24 just for the chance to go to the food trucks.

So instead Avalyn spent a lot of the day playing WoW and i spent a lot of the day playing Master of Orion and Marvel Puzzle Quest. We did take some time in the evening to finish off the last couple episodes of season 2 of the Melancholy of Haruhi. The filming of the movie episodes were infinitely better than Endless Eight, but still probably could have been better. It seemed like they spent a little too long for it. And after waiting that long to find out what was up with the talking cat it was a bit of a disappointment.


Sunday we got up kinda early. Well, 8 or 9ish, and left kind of early, around 11, to go down to Huntington Beach to do some shopping. I needed to cash my yearly AmEx refund check at Costco and needed to buy some new work clothes, and the Bella Terra mall seemed like a fairly convenient place to do both of those things. (And i'm used to driving down to Huntington Beach on sundays on a semi-regular basis for gaming anyways.)

So i got two pairs of work pants and one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts at Costco, all for $14-$20 each. When combined with some other random stuff came out to a total of $145. However my refund check was for $190, so we got $45 back :) (I don't want to think of how much i must have charged on my card in order to get that much money back =P)

We then went to REI, where i spent about $80 on two shirts, entirely negating the savings on pants i got at Costco =P We went by the Burlington Coat Factory which had a lot of shirts for $12-$15, but we were only able to find one that fit and looked decent. (We might have been able to find more but it would have involved a lot more searching, and i was starting to get bored =) Finally we stopped by Kohl's where i couldn't find the kind of Dockers i like or the kind of socks i like, but did pick up some underwear and another pair of shorts.

We'd originally been thinking of eating at Daphne's, but since there's actually a Daphne's fairly close to home we decided to have linner at the Lazy Dog instead.

After heading home we spent an hour or so arguing with travel websites until we were able to get plane and hotel reservations for an upcoming wedding, and then spent what remained of the evening/weekend (not a lot of it) relaxing.
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