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Guardians of the Galaxy

Non-spoiler part on top, Spoiler part on bottom

Guardians of the Galaxy is very good. There was a relatively big deal made about the soundtrack ahead of time, and it does but the music to very good use. (Especially in the intro.) It's also rather funny. Maybe not quite to Galaxy Quest levels, but more than once we missed the trailing line in a conversation because the audience was laughing too loud at what had just been said previously.

The plot is fairly general, though it did manage to confound my expectations on a couple points. (And it should be noted that almost nothing that was said/implied in the trailer was actually true. Also the censorship in the trailer was not actually present in the movie... which is kind of sad.)

But because no movie is perfect there were a couple minor nitpicks i had...


So from most trivial to least.

How has a Walkman and a cassette tape continued functioning in perfect order for 26 years of apparently constant use? I expect he's probably had to repair and/or reinforce them somehow using galactic technology, though in that case i'm not sure why he didn't also just make duplicates. (If you know enough to fix it...) But even in that case he might still have been willing to go to great lengths to save the originals just for pure sentimental value.

Did i miss some point where they were actually named the Guardians of the Galaxy? It seemed like all of the sudden the leader started mocking them for having a pretentious name when they hadn't ever actually used that name or anything resembling it. If their name was supposed to be a riff off his original insult then it would have come off more naturally if he'd been less exact in the original statement. "These are the 'heroes' who want to guard the galaxy?" or some such.

And most obviously and glaring of all. Near the end the.. Thrall? Krux? Krawl? Whatever, are doing their suicide bombing mission on the city, and we see civilians trying to run away and a lot of them getting killed. I'm okay with the bad guys killing civilians (wait, that probably doesn't sound right out of context) especially since the good guys rally and have a big damn heroes moment of shooting down the bombers and protecting the civilians.

Then 5-10 minutes later, when the big giant ship is about to crash in the middle of the city, we're told that it's been evacuated. Well okay, i can go along with that. I'll suppose that they had evacuation centers with some magical technology that instantly whisked the panicked civilians away as soon as they arrived.

So then the ship plows through the city, but since it's been evacuated we're saved from a disaster of Star Trek Into Darkness or Man of Steel proportions.

So after it crashes, annihilating the area where it impacts and one has to imagine for dozens or hundreds of meters around it, all of the sudden a bunch of civilians appear out of nowhere to witness the final fight!


We were told the city was evacuated, so they shouldn't have been there to begin with. The big giant ship just crashed on top of them so even if they hadn't evacuated they should have been dead. And even ignoring the first two, why the hell did they run _toward_ the big giant crashed ship that was just trying to kill them and for all they know might still be filled with homicidal aliens?

And it's not like them being present actually served any purpose. They got to hear the Krawl guy monologue and witness the final fight, but it all would have worked out pretty much exactly the same if they hadn't been there at all.
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