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So sunday night i was driving home and tryng to make good time. About three quarters of the way home i've ended up caravaning with other person who was going pretty fast. You have to pay less attention to your speed that way, and i figure it always makes you look less suspicious to cops if there's another car going the same speed as you =)

So we're both going about 85, and i'm a little behind this person and a lane over. We go over the crest of a hill and i wonder why i'm suddenly catching up with him. Oh, because that car that we just caught up with has "Highway Patrol" written on it.

Neither one of us did anything so blatant as but on the brakes, but suddenly we're both going ten or fifteen miles per hour slower =) I would think that the cop must have noticed us, but he didn't do anything about it. Obviously the fact that we caught up to him meant that we'd been breaking the speed limit, but is that not "caught red-handed" enough? In any case after another mile or two the cop took an exit to another freeway and we happily continued on our way =)

Monday night i was heading home from work, and doing about 80 or 85 on the freeway. Suddenly there's a cluster of cars ahead of me going rather slowly. I slow down as i approach the, wondering what's up. Then i notice that one of the cars at the rear of the pack has "Highway Patrol" on it. I seem to spend too much time checking my rearview mirror for cops and not enough time scanning ahead =)

So i'm a little nervous because i sent in the renewal for my car registration late, and the new tabs haven't shown up, so i don't really want this cop behind me. However he's going a bit slower than the rest of the traffic, which presents a dilema.

The rest of the traffic is actually breaking the speed limit, they're going about 75 and the limit is (i think) 65, though it might possibly be 60. So if i stay with the rest of the traffic i will be breaking the speed limit right in front of a cop, although i'll be with a lot of other people doing the same thing. Perhaps more importantly i'll pull in front of the cop where he can see my tabs.

However i figure that going noticeably slower than the rest of the traffic will just look suspicious, so i _slowly_ pull ahead and match up with the rest of the traffic.

I pass the cop and after a minute or two he changes lanes behind me, which makes me really nervous, but he almost immediatly goes over another lane to the carpool lane and pulls ahead of the entire pack so i relax.

Then a few miles later he suddenly starts up his lights, pulls across four or five lanes of traffic and gets off at an exit. He ended up right behind some other car that was also getting off at that exit, i have no idea if the cop spotted some kind of violation from across the entire freeway, or if he got a call and needed to get off there and was doing the lights to make us all give him room, but in any case the cop was gone now, and that was good =)

Didn't see any cops at all today, so i'm happy =)

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