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Gamepads, Rogue Legacy, Sulla, Master of Orion, and Hugos

On the recommendations of jmpava and neonelephant i ended up ordering a Logitech F310 gamepad on friday. It was presented as a "good enough" controller that was easy to "install" and that only cost $18.

Hooking it up was indeed a simple plug and play process. (A little bit of research and experimentation had revealed that once you get a Neo-Boss key in Rogue Legacy you keep it forever, so that didn't turn out to be a key requirement, though it was still nice.)

It's definitely a good enough controller, though i do wish that it had an actual d-pad instead of the round pad. I keep accidentally pressing at the wrong angle and triggering an up or down action when i'm trying to go left or right, though i am getting better at it with practice.

So i tried out Neo-Khidr again with the controller, and things went much better! ...though not better enough to actually beat him =P So far the best i've done is get him down to about 50% health. I've gotten reasonably decent at dealing with most of the patterns _if_ i recognize them quickly enough, but it's the recognizing them quickly enough part that i need to work on. (As usual with action type games my theoretical knowledge of what i ought to do far surpasses my ability to quickly recognize the appropriate situation and put the knowledge to practical use.)

Since i know now that the door stays unlocked after failing about 20 or so more times to beat him i decided to just continue on with regular play and make another attempt or two every time i come across the door again (since you can fight the Neo-Bosses without penalty.)

So i continued on with the regular game, and the controller seems to be helping a great deal with that too. It's definitely easier to strike and evade using this setup. Sooner or later i came across the carnival again. I'd looked up some tips for beating the axe game before, but ones i'd seen before were a little vague, so i tried searching for a more exact tutorial on YouTube now that i (hopefully) had the tools to follow any directions more easily. And i found an awesomely exact and simple explanation on how to ace the event. By a guy named Sulla!

Over the years Sulla has put up a number of articles about a variety of games at his website (, the most interesting ones to me being Civ4, Civ5, and Master of Orion. It was incredibly educational to watch him and the other Civ4 experts rip apart Civ5. (I enjoy Civ5 to a certain extent, but they demonstrated why the game is very problematic for expert strategy game players.) And it was his guides that helped me progress from being a sub-par player at Hard games of Master of Orion to being able to (sometimes) beat the game on Impossible.

However i had no idea that he had a YouTube channel (and a Twitch channel as well it seems) so i was very surprised to stumble across him in this manner! Of course i immediately checked out his list of videos, and of course given my past interests i got sucked into his Master of Orion videos, the first of which is here:
(Though it should be mentioned that after an "incident" he had to switch from Humans to Klackons from the third video on.)

That discovery did of course result in me staying up until about 4:30 AM saturday "night", because even just watching someone else play Master of Orion can result in One-More-Turn-itis.
(As i believe kirinn can attest ;)

So of course now i'm interested in playing Master of Orion again myself (the last time was about a year ago: but i really ought to be focusing on the Hugo awards for the next couple of days before the voting deadline.

There's no way i'll make it through the remaining 7 or 8 novels (there were 18 novels nominated this year, though only 16 full novels were included in the packet, of which i've already read 8 or 9) but i'm hoping i can finish off the novelettes and get through all the novellas.
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