DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

This is why my showers take forever

I got up kind of late sunday morning, and inkbot was coming over about an hour later to pick up avalyn and i to go see Lucy. I wanted to take a shower but it couldn't take too long.

The problem for me with showering is that i tend to get distracted by random thoughts, and when i do i slow down on the actual showering process. The way to counteract that and keep my mind on the subject is to count in my head, making sure i don't spend any longer on any given step than necessary. On a _very_ good day if i do that and don't get distracted i have, on occasion, been able to shower in 6-7 minutes.

So that's what i did. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

Approximately around 250 (in the middle of the second shampoo and rinse i think think?) i started thinking "hey, this is going pretty well. I should be done quickly enough that i can spend time doing some other stuff. Maybe watching some more MoO video? That's probably better than playing Rogue Legacy because then i'd have to pause the game in the middle, and... DAMN IT! I got distracted!" I don't know how much time i lost to that exactly, but i made an estimate and resumed counting.

Then around 350 or 400 i started thinking "okay, got distracted once, but still making good time. Should get to the iPic theatre in plenty of time. I should be ready to order quickly though so the food will show up before the movie. But the menu inside the theatre is slightly different than the one outside and i don't remember the differences and... DAMN IT!"

So i resumed counting again. And then around 500ish, "damn it, i keep getting distracted. Maybe i should find a way to move the waterproof clock/radio back inside the shower where i can see the time. Of course then i'd still need to remember to keep looking at it. It would be nice if i could get it to read out the time so i couldn't ignore it, but i don't know if there are any clocks that do that. I suppose since i'm learning Android i could try writing an app to do it myself, but if i put my phone on the counter would i be able to hear it counting over the shower? And.... GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!"

So all in all the shower lasted about 11 or 12 minutes. Definitely better than the usual 20-40 minutes, and still in plenty of time before inkbot arrived, but not quite what i was aiming for.
Tags: silly

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