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Good PC Game Controllers?

Short version: I tried plugging in my PS3 controller last night for Rogue Legacy and found that the MotionInJoy drivers seem to have stopped working. I tried troubleshooting for a little bit but now i'm thinking of just getting a new controller.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a PC gamepad that _isn't_ an XBox controller? And preferably isn't shaped more like an XBox controller than a PS3 or SNES controller?

Does anyone have any experience with using a PS4 controller on PC? Is it any easier to set up than a PS3 controller? (It would be kind of funny if i ended up getting a PS4 controller before i get a PS4 =)

Long version:

So last night i had a couple good runs in Rogue Legacy (almost enough to upgrade the Miner, but i forgot about the price increases and made a poor choice in the gambling room just before i died) and in the second-to-last one i found one of the elite boss runes.

Normally once you beat a boss that boss stays dead until you do New Game+. However you sometimes find a special object that in your _next_ run unlocks an elite version of the boss. You find their regular location in the next play through and there's a special door there instead. When you go in your regular character is replaced with one with specific stats for that boss, and when you die instead of game over you're sent back outside the door and can immediately try again.

So i tried four or five times and didn't seem to be making any progress, so i watched a couple YouTube videos to see what the trick was. Then i tried another 5-10 times and still wasn't able to hack it. I started wondering if the problem was just my admittedly relatively poor skills, or if trying to play the game on the keyboard was a contributing factor.

So i went and grabbed one of the PS3 controllers and plugged it into the PC and started up MotionInJoy. The first thing i noticed right away was that the program looked all janky. It seems that the program is a front end for some HTML and it looked like some key components were missing, kind of the way pages will load in Firefox with NoScript before you allow all the necessary scripts. So then of course it turns out that the PS3 controller wasn't being recognized. I couldn't remember if there was any kind of synching that i had to do when i first set it up, so after digging around some i think i found the PS3 controller i used to use for it before moving, but that didn't work either.

I looked around on the MotionInJoy website and wiki and forums but didn't find any obvious answers. There was someone else in the forums asking a couple months ago about the exact same issue, but no one ever responded to them.

There is a new version of the software available, but i expect that would mean having to install new drivers. Which in this case would mean having to reboot my PC to install them properly, meaning i'd lose my chance at the ultra-boss until i found the item again on a future run-through.

At the moment i've still got the game paused at the entrance to the boss (which is playing havoc with my playtime statistics) so if i order a new controller soon (presumably from Amazon *sigh*) and it doesn't require too much in the way of setup (i.e. requiring a reboot) i _might_ be able to make a stab at the boss with a controller on sunday or more likely monday.
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