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Other Stuff (The Last Unicorn, Malediction, & Blown Tires)

Things that have happened over the last couple weeks that i didn't get around to writing a post about at the time

The Last Unicorn

Last friday we went over to the house of some of Avalyn's friends and watched The Last Unicorn with them and their kids. Avalyn had seen it before but didn't really remember it, but i think none of the others had, though the parents had heard of it before. However somehow until we actually started the movie they hadn't made the connection that it was the source of the "The Last Unicorn" song on the childrens CD by Kenny Loggins that they've been using as a lullabye album for their kids for years. (

Shortly after the movie started and it was revealed that the title characters is *spoiler* the last unicorn, the younger child (i think around 7?) loudly declared something like "she doesn't have to be! She could get pregnant!" She held on to this view for awhile but was eventually distracted by "that tree had really large breasts!" and "why is the red bull so mean?"

She was also very concerned that the harpy was going to kill the unicorn. One of her moms assured her that the harpy was not going to kill the unicorn, presumably on the well founded notion that the main characters is not going to get killed 20 minutes into the movie, which just goes to show both how fundamental tropes are and that they're something you need to learn over time.

It was also interesting hearing the others speculate about where exactly the unicorns had been hidden in King Haggard's domain. The most popular guesses being hidden in the artwork around the castle and turned into narwhals.


The friday before that we went to the steampunk ball at Malediction with thumbie and shamiksan.

I forget however long ago it was that Malediction and Ruin left the Monte Cristo club and went dormant for awhile before resurfacing at the Tru Hollywood, but they've now returned to the old venue.

Xian swore at the time that they left that she would never deal with that company again. I'm not sure if she changed her mind, or if the venue is under new management. (A possibility given that the name seems to have changed from "Monte Cristo" to "Rooftop 3100.")

So in addition to getting to go to Malediction back at the old (much closer) venue, it was also a steampunk night, and also turned out the be the 9th anniversary of the club, which was pretty cool.

Thumbie and shamiksan were kind enough to pick us up at our place a little before 10, and we it was about a 10 minute drive over to the club, where we were early enought to get to wait in line.

Avalyn had gone ahead and RSVPed, something i never bother with, but it turned out to be unnecessary because at least at the start they were letting people with goggles in for free.

There were a number of people there i recognized, though of course a lot of new faces as well. They'd done a bit of a remodel on the room in back, which was empty when we got there but had a second DJ a little later in the night.

I got a fair bit of dancing in, but not anywhere near as much as i used to since this time i actually had friends to hang out with and chat to.

Shortly before 1 am people started getting tired, which was reasonable since ee'd been there for over 2 hours already. I could have kept going for longer if i'd wanted, but as previously mentioned in the AX post having an SO to go home with seems to decrease the desire to stick around late night events until they pry you out with a crowbar, so it was pretty easy to convince me it was time to head home :)

Blown Tire

As was documented on twitter ( last week while heading home from work wednesday afternoon Avalyn's tire... well i'm not sure "blew out" is entirely proper, but it defintiely fell apart. Luckily she'd already gotten off the freeway when it happened and was able to safely make it to a side street and pull over. I got the call from her about it while i was conveniently already halfway home and managed to find my way to her.

There was no hole blown all the way through the tire as far as we could tell, but a long strip of the tread had frayed and then detached itself form the tire, leaving the kinda cloth looking undertire intact.

When my tire blew out a couple months ago (weird that we're both having this issue so close together) we were at least 50 miles from the nearest repair place and i wasn't even aware that my car had a spare tire hidden under the secret compartment in my trunk (a secret secret compartment?) so we ended up getting a tow. Since we were about 5 miles from home and Avalyn's usual repair place we decided to try replacing the tire with the spare, something that i had never actually had to do before.

Since her car's manual had gotten stolen when her car was broken into a couple months ago (kind of a weird thing to get stolen) we spent a little bit of time puzzling out the jack, but the mechanics of it were fairly obvious and there were some instructions printed on the jack itself that helped us figure out the proper placement. If you ever have to do this yourself however here's a little hint, lossen the bolts on the tire before you jack the car up. We raised it up first and the amount of pressure i was having to apply to try and get the bolts off made me worry about the stability of the car/jack, so we lowered it down again, at which point i had to kick/stand on the wrench(?) to get the bolts free, after which we were able to raise the car up again and unscrew the bolts the rest of the way without problem.

We eventually got the busted tire replaced with the little baby spare tire, and Avalyn carefully and slowly drove home. (Actually not all that slowly, or at least not intentionally. LA traffic prevented her from going over the rated speed of the tire even if she'd wanted to.)

She had to spend awhile getting two of her tires replaced the next morning. (The other two were newer and still seemed to be okay.) I think it ended up costing her about $250, which made me feel a bit better about having spent a little over $500 on my 4 tires.
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