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Two good things in as many days.

I finally got my car back yesterday! The not so good part was the $350 for the car rental, and the $1450 for the repairs =P

The other good thing is that I'm typing this from work! Yes, they finally got us hooked up to the internet at our desks! Well, some of us. Some of the artists were hooked up last week, and I was hooked up this afternoon, but my officemate is still netless.

This too has a minus side, well kinda. It's not like I'm losing anything, but as expected, several key features are indeed missing.

The firewall does indeed prevent me from telneting out. I will have to investigate this further. If anyone knows of anyplace I could look for getting around firewalls with telnet or ssh, please let me know.

Although I haven't tried it yet, but I suspect that given the above AIM won't work either.

All in all though, this is good. I'm actually hoping that this will help me be more productive. As it used to be, I would get in weird moods where I didn't feel like working and just sit and stare at my monitor for an hour or so. Now I can cruise the web for a few minutes instead, and try to cheer myself up.

For the most part, I think I perform better when I have minor distractions, as long as I work at not letting myself get absorbed by them.

In other news, I saw Morna and Shawkial again last night. It's so dificult seeing Morna. She still wants me, and I still want her, but I know that it would be bad to get back together with her. It would hurt Allyn, it would end up hurting me, it would just be bad.

Morna doesn't seem to see it though. She keeps accusing me of not loving her since I don't want to go out with her again. I explain to her that it's not true, it's because I love her too much that I can't live with a limited relationship like that again, at least not now, but it keeps coming up.

Allyn, please come back soon? I love you, and I want you here to distract me from Morna.

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