DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Rogue Legacy

On a whim over the weekend i took a break from Marvel Puzzle Quest and Hearthstone and started playing Rogue Legacy.

For those not familiar with it, Rogue Legacy is kind of a Metroidvania game crossed with a roguelike.

Your family has been quested (or perhaps cursed) to send one family member per generation into a magical castle that alters itself as time goes on. You're doing this because... reasons. You find log journals as you explore from someone who could theoretically be the first person in your family to go on this quest, but given that the original reason was to find an item that could heal someone who was wounded at the time, and it's been at least 20 generations since then... well, the family is clearly throwing good money after bad by this point :)

In any case, each generation you pick a family member to go into the house, you play till you die, and then you get to pick a family member from the next generation. For some magical reason any gold you found in the previous life sticks with you (although you have to spend it all before going back into the castle) and equipment, upgrades and experience all carry over as well. Because magic.

The first time i played, the first hall after the entrance had a wall of darts constantly firing across the hallway with a bouncy platform you had to activate to jump up to the next room. The tutorial had not really prepared myself for this, and i lost at least 3/4ths of my health before getting into the next room, at which point i was hit by a monster and promptly died.

So the other thing about Rogue Legacy is that each generation you get to choose one of three potential candidates. Each is assigned a random class and one or more traits. Traits can be good, mixed, or bad. Two common ones are "gigantism" and "dwarfism". Giant characters are larger which gives them a bigger swing radius but also makes it easier for the enemy to hit them and harder to move through cramped spaces. Dwarfism is obviously the opposite, with the added advantage that there are apparently some secret passages that only dwarves can fit through (though i haven't actually found any of those yet.) There are some traits that are just cosmetic. Such as color-blindness, which makes the game appear in black and white. Well for my second life one of my choices had the trait of "vertigo", which sounded interesting, so i decided to try it out. Turns out what that does is display the game upside down and backwards. That life did not last very long at all =P

However after that i made quite a bit more progress. At this point (after about 2-3 hours of play time) i've got most(?) of the manor upgrades unlocked and the basic set of armor and runes bought, but haven't done a lot in the way of unlocking more stuff yet. I did manage to beat the first eyeball boss after quite a number of tries, and completed two or three fairy chests (along with the numerous ones i've failed.)

I'm currently trying to decide if i'll be playing this for long enough to make it worth buying the gold upgrades and Miner improvement. Of course i'll probably do it regardless since when starting a game like this i always tell myself that i'll end up unlocking everything :)
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