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Anime Expo 2013 AMV Contest - Full List With Links

As promised, here are is a list of the finalists for the Anime Expo 2013 AMV Contest.

I tried to link to the YouTube video posted by (what appeared to be) the creator of the AMV in all cases. When that wasn't possibly i found a non-primary source and indicated it as such.

Anime Expo 2013 AMV Contest Table LinkVideo LinkVideo Info
--- Parody/Trailer ---
LinkYouTubeP1 - Holomon - By Warlike Swans & Warlike Cygnet (Theme song from "Pokemon" - Bleach)
LinkYouTubeP2 - Fast & Furious: Valkyria Chronicles - By NightMistress85 (Trailer from "Fast & Furious VI" - Valkyria Chronicles)
LinkYouTubeP3 - Soul Hunters - By Hagaren Viper (Trailer from "Witch Hunters" - Soul Eater)
LinkYouTube (2ndary)P4 - EVE's Progress - By Kvakond ("Gimmix, Dat Bass" by HaZeR - Mouretsu Pirates)
[404]YouTubeP5 - Into Darkness - By Yuusharo (Trailer from "Star Trek: Into Darkness" - Outlaw Star)
LinkYouTube (2ndary)P6 - Testing Is the Future - By Mad Rush Studios [NoisyNinjas] (Soundclips from "Portal", "Portal 2," & other sources - Various Sources [6])
--- Drama/Theatric ---
LinkYouTubeD1 - Into the Labyrinth - By lolligerjoj ("Into The Labyrinth" by Kraddy - Base/Nise/Nekomonogatari)
LinkYouTubeD2 - Reverse Nature - By Eake4 ("Ring Around the Rosey" from Dead Space 2 - Various Sources [5])
LinkYouTubeD3 - madokaAV - By "It's a Trap!" Productions [drewaconclusion] ("Kill The Lights" by The Birthday Massacre - Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head)
LinkVimeoD4 - Deliver Us - By Nekokitkat ("Deliver Us" by Ofra Haza & Hans Zimmer - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
LinkYouTubeD5 - Runaway Boy - By Cenit ("Last Night" by Good Charlotte - Eden of the East TV & Movies 1 & 2)
LinkYouTubeD6 - Dead End - By nicki_013 ("Sail" by AwolNation - Mirai Nikki [Future Diary])
LinkYouTubeD7 - Moonfall - By PixelBlended Studios [Shin] ("Rabbit Heart" by Florence & The Machine - Escaflowne)
--- Action/Adventure ---
LinkYouTubeA1 - Aevum - By Espace Studios [AimoAio] ("The Clockmaker" by Vexare - Fate/Zero)
LinkYouTubeA2 - JAGDMEISTER KREUZZUG - By Cenit ("Crucify Me Part 1 [DnB DJ Edit]" by SHockOne Feat. Phetsta - Evangelion 3.0)
LinkYouTubeA3 - Overcoming Me - By Hagaren Viper ("Overcoming Me" by Kutless - Persona 4: The Animation)
[404]YouTubeA4 - Solar Hearts - By BxP102 ("Light Years" by Razihel feat. Savant - Macross Frontier Movies 1 & 2)
LinkYouTubeA5 - Waltz S - By Iren S.S. ("Vienna Waltz" by Johann Strauss - Samurai Champloo)
LinkYouTube (2ndary)A6 - I'm Only Getting Started - By Pwolf ("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
LinkYouTubeA7 - Black Rock Beatdown - By Visualized Nightmare Studios [Krystyrat] ("Tommy's Theme" by NOISIA - Black Rock Shooter)
--- Upbeat/Dance ---
LinkYouTubeU1 - DBZ - Always Hardcore - By Rider4Z ("One [Always Hardcore]" by Scooter - DragonBallZ)
LinkYouTubeU2 - JaAM [Just Another Anime Mix] - By VivifxAMV ("Pop Culture" by Madeon - Various Sources [36])
LinkYouTubeU3 - Time Twitch - By BecauseImBored1 ("Ready to Go" by Panic at the Disco - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)
LinkYouTubeU4 - Fashion Beats - By Minako ("Saturday" by Basshunter - Various Sources [17])
LinkYouTubeU5 - BaBOOM!!!!! - By LoneSaiyan115 ("Game Grumps Remix - BaBoom" by Atpunk01 - Nichijou)
--- Romance/Sentimental ---
LinkYouTubeR1 - Summer Hearts - By RAWdangers ("Wild at Heart" by Gloriana - Ano Natsu de Matteru)
LinkYouTubeR2 - BFB - By Jump Cut Productions [Advent87] ("My Best Friend's Brother" by Victoria Justice - B Gata H Kei)
LinkYouTubeR3 - Before I Go - By SelfishPromise ("On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons - Ano Hana)
LinkYouTubeR4 - Holding On - By Argen Team [madaraxD] ("Mouth 2 Mouth" by Kate Havnevik - Various Sources [17])
LinkYouTubeR5 - Bored With Me - By Digital Memory Studios [pacotacoshell] ("Finding Something To Do" by Hellogoodbye - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai)
LinkYouTubeR6 - Tough Love - By PixelBlended Studios [l33tmeatwad])
LinkYouTubeR7 - Ivy Bridge - By PixelBlended Studios [Shin] ("Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas - Usagi Drop)
--- Fun/Humor ---
[404]YouTubeF1 - It Started With a Bang - By CDVV [Fall_Child42] ("Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti - Various Sources)
LinkYouTubeF2 - Don't Stop Arale Now! - By Armed and Out of Medication Productions [Nils Houghton] ("Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen - Dr. Slump)
LinkYouTubeF3 - I Choose Hippopotas - By PixelBlended Studios [kireblue]
LinkYouTubeF4 - 50 Ways For Your Partner to Die - By Tsu ("50 Ways To Say Goodbye" by Train - Resident Evil)
LinkYouTubeF5 - Magic Mouth - By BasharOfTheAges ("Magic" by B.o.B. - Madoka Magica)
LinkYouTubeF6 - 7 Days with Suzumiya - By VivfxAMV ("One Week" by Barenaked Ladies - Melancholy of Haruhi)

As usual when typing up this much information and organizing this many links it is entirely possible that i made a mistake. If you find something in error just let me know and i'll fix it.

And this post is meant for informational purposes, to see my reactions to the videos you'll have to go back and check my original post from last year. (Though my opinions have changed slightly since then based on the passage of time and learning more about some of the anime involved.)
Tags: amvs, anime, cons, conventions, music, recaps

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