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11 July 2014 @ 12:35 pm
AMV: Ishvalan Eviction Notice  
Relevant to the AMV posts, if you like Wreck-It Ralph and have seen Full Metal Alchemist this is the best AMV ever!


Last year at Anime Expo i saw this video in the AMV room. It was stated as being "unfinished" but i still thought it was amazing. I eagerly waited for it to become available and was rewarded late last year. I can't remember my first viewing well enough to say what has been changed or improved from the "unfinished" version, but it's definitely still amazing.

I was hoping that it would be part of the AMV contest this year now that it's done. However it seems the creator submitted the "unfinished" version to last year's contest, which disqualified it for participation in this year's contest. Which is really sad, because personally i would have voted for it as best Comedy _and_ best in show.

AMV.org link
squee is a universal language: gigglesnaye on July 11th, 2014 08:15 pm (UTC)
BWAHAHHAAH! That was brilliant! Thanks for finding it for us!
DonAithnendonaithnen on July 14th, 2014 07:36 pm (UTC)
Yay! You're welcome!

And i'm just about done with the 2013 version, just need to find some time to format the post :)
(Deleted comment)
DonAithnendonaithnen on July 14th, 2014 07:35 pm (UTC)
Cool, thank you :)

Uh, but could you edit my name out please? I don't use my regular name on LJ.
Dieppedieppe on July 14th, 2014 08:37 pm (UTC)
I can't edit it because someone replied to it... So I'll just delete that. Sorry.