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Friday Fun Stuff: Music and and D&D Movies

I believe i discovered SJ Tucker over a year ago at BayCon. I stumbled across her in the dealer's room and bought a CD or two on spec. *cough* And then i proceeded to forget i had them for about six months until i saw her performing as part of Tricky Pixie at Convolution =P

At which point i had a cascading series of realizations that A: she's awesome, B: hey hasn't Seanan McGuire mentioned her a couple of times before? C: hey wait a second! Don't i have a couple of her CDs somewhere?!?, and D: did i mention that she's awesome?

So i got home and dug up the CDs and listened to them and they were indeed awesome and i added them to my regular rotation of mp3s.

Then a couple weeks ago i wanted to listen to her music at home, and realized i'd somehow never transferred the mp3s from work, and didn't want to rerip the CDs again, so i searched for her on YouTube and found an awesome new song of hers, "Playing D&D":

Along with the original content, the music video also contains a lot of clips from The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, which is an awesome fan movie about RPGs, and i suddenly realized that i had no idea if Avalyn had ever seen it. So i checked, and now she hadn't. So that's what we've been doing over the last week. (The movies aren't that long, but we were only able to watch 30-60 minutes at a time.)

The first movie, "The Gamers" is fairly rough, but it's still fun if you're willing to roll with it.

For the "sequel", "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising", they'd clearly learned a lot and the production values are a lot higher, plus it has a much tighter story.

There's a third Gamers movie, "Hands of Fate", but we have not watched it yet and cannot attest to its quality:

If you like the Gamers movies there's info about more stuff at the Dead Gentlemen website, including links to where you can buy copies :)

And just so it's not all Gamer related stuff, here's another one of my favorite SJ Tucker songs:

And here's a link to her webpage, with the usual "but this stuff" info.

(And i'll try to have more of the "short and simple" stuff next time instead of 45 minute+ movies =)
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