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Friday Fun Stuff: Art, Quizzes, and Videos

It's been awhile since the last one, and i've accumulated a couple eclectic links:

First something that's both pretty and awesome, a talented artist decided to start making illustrations for "Rejected Disney Princess", i.e. historic or legendary female princesses and gods and heroines who are very unlikely to be made into a Disney animated movie. The poster-child for this is probably Pasiphae, who is famous for having sex with a bull (under duress from a Greek god, of course) and giving birth to the Minotaur. And less famous for cursing her husband to ejaculate insects, which was news to me. That's some Disney material right there!

This is a cute set of charts on how to pet various animals:

Here's a fun but pretty simple quiz about identifying which books imaginary maps came from. (It's all older famous stuff, if it had been from newer series after i started listening to so many books on audio i might not have done as well =)

Here's a less amusing but still interesting quiz. It supposedly tests how narcissistic you are. I'm not sure if i believe the validity of self-test for something like this (on top of the fact that any quiz you take over the internet is highly suspect of course =) but i got a 5 out of 40. It claims the average is 12 to 15. I'm not sure if that makes me pathological or weird, or if that's just normal for introverts :)

This is a cute (though maybe slightly melancholy as well) little anime short about a girl and her chair:

And last (but definitely not least) OK Go has a new music video out! This seems like one of those ones where the video concept is much more interesting than the song itself is, though perhaps it will grow on me upon repeated viewings/listenings.
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