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Sleepy Hollow Event

Two weekends ago i was informed that Avalyn's sister, inkbot, had found out about a special Sleepy Hollow "For Your Emmy Consideration" press event on the following monday (June 2nd) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The description said it was "first come first served" for seats, but also had an email address to RSVP. They both sent in RSVPs and spent a day or two rather worried that they hadn't gotten a response yet but also unsure if it actually mattered, but finally on sunday they both got confirmations.

InkBot had already asked for half a day off from work for unrelated reasons that turned out to be irrelevant, so she repurposed the afternoon off into showing up at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to get in line for the event, and was actually the first one there. Avalyn and i both left work a little early and joined her there around 5ish.

There was a huge line by the time we got there, so it was a good thing IceBot was awesome and saved us a spot at the very front :) The line was set up along the edge of the road in front of the Masonic lodge where the event was taking place. Of course the graves come right up to the edge of the roads, so this was the second time we were hanging out in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery standing on a bunch of dead people. However doing so for a Sleepy Hollow event seems a lot more thematic than just loitering around waiting for people to use the porta-potties :)

While we waited we got to watch the red carpet for the photoshoot with the stars being set up. After awhile we saw a couple of people in headless horsemen costumes going down the line. At first i thought they were cosplayers, but it turns out they were mascots (or whatever you want to call it) for the event. I managed to be the first one to make an incredibly obvious pun on twitter and got retweeted by the official Sleepy Hollow twitter account, which was pretty awesome. (In addition to a dozen retweets and about 40 favorites, two or three people started following me as well... and then unfollowed me over the course of the week as they realized that i'm not actually very interesting on a regular basis =)

Shortly before six we learned that there was going to be a second line formed for Academy members which was going to get priority. Given that this was an event specifically intended to promote Sleepy Hollow for the Emmy awards this made total sense. InkBot and Avalyn were a bit pissed that after InkBot had spent six hours waiting in line we were going to get passed up, but it turned out they didn't need to worry so much. They did form the second line, but they actually started processing them both at pretty much exactly the same time.

Everyone had the option of going in to grab seats right away, or stay outside to watch the red carpet photoshoot. We opted to go in right away, because duh. We got the seats in the center of the very front row. Then Avalyn and i saved the seats while InkBot went out to watch the photoshoot, which was only fair since she'd put in all the work getting us such a got spot in line. She texted Avalyn shortly thereafter urging her to come out, but it was rather chaotic and i don't think they managed to find each other. Avalyn did manage to take a wrong turn and stumble into the green room by mistake, but i believe all the stars were still out on the red carpet at that point.

Eventually the photoshoot ended, and Avalyn and InkBot made it back to the seats. We got to spend awhile watching a slideshow of various promotional images interspersed with "making of" clips for various episodes.

Eventually the MC came out and told us the schedule of events, we were going to watch the Season 1 finale, then we were going to do a Q&A with the stars/staff, then "maybe" we'd get to see a clip from Season 2.

So the Season 1 finale was cool. (Though amusingly we'd all watched/rewatched it just the day before on our own, because the original event description was not at all clear about what all the event would involve.) Then we got to the cool part the Q&A. The people they had there were Nicole Beharie (Abbie), Tom Mison (Crane), and, uh, 4-5 people who were all producers or directors or writers or other technical type things that i don't remember. None of whose names i remember. (Though to be fair, i had to look up the names of the stars again too, have i mentioned that i suck at names? =)

It turns out that Nicole Beharie is a _very_ tiny woman. It certainly didn't help that she was right next to Tom Mison, but even aside from that she's much smaller than you would expect just from watching the show. On screen she kicks so much ass that you expect her to be larger in real life.

So everyone talked about the show, there were a bunch of pre-planned questions from the MC, then some questions from the audience. Sadly i don't remember what all was asked and said, but it was pretty cool. Then they showed the clip from Season 2. They told us this was going to be the opening for the first episode, and warned us that it was still in the early stages, hadn't had all the post-production done yet, etc, etc.

Amusingly they didn't have the stars leave the stage exactly. So some of them moved off to the side, but others sat down on the stage itself or got off the stage and crouched/sat in front of it, ie practically in our laps :)

I don't know if we're "supposed" to talk about the clip or not, but it was pretty cool, and honestly i couldn't tell the lack of post-production.

After the clip was done i think they had a little more commentary from the stars, and then the event was over. And Tom Mison got swarmed by the fangirls :) Since we had the advantage of being in the front row InkBot managed to get at him right at the start and get her picture taken with him, after which we extracted ourselves and headed out to the post-event cocktail and hors d'oeuvres thing. I wouldn't have minded getting the chance to get a picture of Nicole Beharie, but she took advantage of the distraction provided by the fangirl swarm and disappeared almost immediately. However i did tweet something about the disparity between her real life size and her on-screen presence, which she retweeted, so that kind of made up for it :) (Well, or her assistant or whoever is in charge of her twitter account did, but i'll pretend to be optimistic and assume it was her =)

The after-party was okay i guess. I couldn't drink anything since i was driving, but they only had wine and beer so i didn't care too much about that. They did have very tasty snacks and desserts but we didn't get ahold of any of them until near the end. We found a relatively clear spot in one of the back corners to stand and chat and at the start all the servers were getting accosted and tapped out before they could get to us.

I don't know if there was anyone famous or anything at the after-party that we should have been seeking out, we just stood around chatting amongst ourselves and with a friend of Avalyn and InkBot's who was also there.

So we didn't really have any encounters with "personalities", but we had front row seats, the stars were practically tripping over us at one point, i got two awesome retweets, and InkBot got to see the red carpet photoshoot and then get her picture taken with Tom Mision, plus we got to see the Season 2 clip of course. So all in all it was pretty awesome :)
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