DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I haven't posted in forever! (Though i have been tweeting slightly more than usual for me.)

Also, i'm going to be busy at BayCon over the weekend, so here's a quick post!

What's been going on in my life lately?

Let's see, went to Alumni weekend a couple weeks back and hung out with a bunch of old friends. There were actually three different groups of people i knew there. People from around my year, people from around my sister's year that i used to work with, and several of the babies that i currently work with :)

Went to see the Lindsey Stirling concert, which was awesome. (Though Club Nokia has some architectural oddities that pose serious problems for it as a concert venue.) We also went to see Lindsey Stirling at her CD release day event at B&N, which was also very awesome. Since i was the first person in line _and_ i have a B&N card, i got "special" wristbands that guaranteed us seats in the front couple roles. Since we got to the event itself slightly late we "only" got the center of the second row. So we were about 9 feet away from her instead of 6 feet away :)

Went to see a showing of Tron at an old fancy movie theatre. The movie was very cool. Sadly we were in a hurry to go elsewhere afterward so we didn't get to hang out with all the geeky people in the lobby, where they'd set up a whole bunch of old arcade games. We found out later that at the same time that was going on Jeff Bridges was actually at a Big Lebowski event somewhere else in town. Boo!

Spent some time helping Avalyn's sister take care of some feral cats (though nowhere near as much time as Avalyn has.)

Spent a lot of time playing Marvel Puzzle Quest. (Which is fun, but i wouldn't recommend for anyone new. They've made it a lot harder to get started than it was in the early days.)

Hmm, and i don't think i mentioned that i went to SakuraCon. Uh, i went to SakuraCon! Saw lots of AMVs, bought lots of shirts and some art. The AMV selection wasn't quite as good as some other years/events, so hopefully that means the AX AMVs will be awesome :) (At least i seem to remember that last year the SakuraCon ones were great while the AX ones were meh.)

I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but that's most of what i've been up to for the past month :)

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