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Friday Fun Stuff: TableTop and Shatner

Even more sparse than usual this week. (I'll try to do better next week!)

In other news, TableTop is doing a fundraise on Indigogo for Season 3. They've already reached their main goal of $500,000 and are going for stretch goals now.

Speaking of which, perusing my rewards for helping to fund the Doubleclicks, i discovered that they made a TableTop music video at some point that i hadn't seen yet!

On a very random note, here's an animated LEGO movie of William Shatner trying to kill William Shakespeare. Why? I have no idea.

But that does remind me, i'm sure i've shared this before, but i need to remember to show Avalyn "Shatner of the Mount" since she said she doesn't remember seeing it before :)

And finally, we went to see Winter Soldier last weekend, and it was pretty good. And by "pretty good" i mean it wasn't anything groundbreaking in terms of action and special effect for Marvel movies, but it had a better than average plot, which means it qualifies as "amazing" compared to most non-Marvel movies.

But in any case, after watching it i was pondering which people that were "killed" in the movie will be coming back in the future. (Spoiler, just like every other Marvel movie so far, they're going to try and make you think at least one person has been killed.) But while contemplating that i discovered this awesome wikipedia page:

Obviously the list is _very_ spoilery. Well, kind of. It does verify that every single major comic book character i can think of has been "killed" at least once, but the details of how and if they came back to life or not are still spoilery.

However it's kind of amusing to just read through the causes of death without looking who they apply to.

"Killed by several [redacted] who beat him to death on the moon"
"[redacted} stabbed him, puncturing his containment field and causing him to explode"
"Killed with footsteps by [redacted]"
"Killed by a rogue Superman android"
"Shot with a Radion-laced, time-traveling bullet by his father"
"Killed by Cupid declaring their relationship over"

Some of those descriptions seem like they may be victims of bad english, but still amusing :)
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