DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

HabitRPG and ABBA

I feel a little guilty about putting easy to do things like "write blog entries" and "floss my teeth" on my HabitRPG lists. It seems like a cheap ploy to get points. On the other hand, in the last week i've posted more to LJ than i had in the previous month or two, and i've flossed my teeth probably more times than i had in the last six months. (Though possibly only with the exclusion of popcorn related incidents =) So even though it feels kind of like cheating it seems to be accomplishing the theoretical goal, at least over the short term and for the smaller items.

Having "Brush my teeth" and "Feed the cat" in the lists is a bit more problematic, since i almost never forgot either of those before i started using the app, but i suspect that if i didn't have something easy to check off every day to prime the pump i would get distracted and forget about using the app pretty quickly. This way i have an excuse to visit every day and check off the "gimmies", and then hopefully get motivated to do some of the other habits.

In other news, Avalyn discovered that there's a serious of tribute concerts playing at a local bar, and got tickets for some of them. She and her sister went to see the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers cover band a couple weeks ago, and this week i went with them to see the ABBA cover band. I'm not a huge fan of ABBA, but i think their music is okay, and Avalyn was clearly having a great time, so it was fun :)

We're going to see a Nirvana cover band there next week. I'm a little sad that we missed the No Doubt cover band, but that was back before Avalyn had heard about it.
Tags: music, video games

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