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All of the sudden in order to be able to view or leave comments in LJ, i need to allow (Not com, net.) Since i haven't heard anything about LJ getting hijacked i figured okay, i don't know why they want to split their services between two domains, but whatever.

But now all my LJ tabs refuse to stop spinning, even when they appear to be finished loading. It still wants access to "", "" and "", and i'm not sure if i want to grant that =P

In other news, i plan to spend a lot of today leveling in HabitRPG, er, i mean doing chores!

We already got up early this morning and went to Runyon for a 1 hour and 25 minute walk/hike. 3.64 miles, average speed 2.5 mph, 394 calories, 5842 steps, and 346 yards climb.

(The climb seems off. The websites i've found say the total elevation change is 675 feet, and i'm not sure if that's for the regular route or one of the side-paths, so maybe it double counted both the way up and the way down. I'll have to look into that.)

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