DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff: Ding!

coraa and jmpava convinced me to try out HabitRPG, it's one of those "gamification of real life" things that tries to get you to improve yourself in exchange for virtual rewards. And obviously this one is set up like an RPG.

So one of the "habits" (aka missions or quests or whatever you want to call them) i decided to add was writing more posts. So in order to gain exp and level up, here's a Friday Fun Stuff post!

Obviously, the first link is to HabitRPG itself, in case anyone else is interested :)

Next, someone put together a random Lady Knight generator and used it to create some awesome pictures of lady knights, who are not your standard anorexic, awkwardly posed, wearing as little armor as possible female warriors.

Here's the randomizer:

And here's (some of?) the art they did based on it:

This one's a little old, but someone re-interpreted WW1 as a bar fight, and it's pretty amusing.

There are several different versions for WW2 which you can search for, though i didn't like most of them quite as much. (Perhaps because WW1 seems so much inherently stupider than WW2. Yes it was tragic how many people died, but at the political level there was much less inherent evil and maliciousness and much more nations just bumbling around with a 19th century mindset, not realizing that the nature of war had changed.)

And a couple older video links, This is an awesome animated short video about two girls exploring a Miyazaki style castle in the sky.

Another short video: this is a live action one about a janitor who stumbles across skynet they day before it's scheduled to go live. (So to speak.) I thought it was kind of predictable, but it was well done.
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