DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Why i haven't been posting much

There are 4 reasons why i haven't posted much this year so far

1: (a) I've been working on a largish project at work and (b) "coincidentally" i was switched to salaried at the same time, so i've been putting in some overtime and doing some short lunches to try and stay on top of it.
2: Moving in with Avalyn. Obviously the time during the move was a wash, but also obviously now that we're living together i've also been spending more time with her and had less time on my own to type stuff up.
3: I've been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest. Which is one of those online "free to play" games which has timed competitive events, so when i haven't been focused on Avalyn i've frequently been trying to catch up on the leaderboards.
4: Given all the above, if i have a quick thought i'll often post it to twitter instead of taking the time to flesh it out into something of LJ post length.
Tags: random

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