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22 February 2014 @ 04:38 pm
Haven't Posted In Forever =P  
Things i have done today:

1: Returned the Time Warner cable box and DVR, thus completing the final stage of canceling my old service.
2: Went to the Miracle Mile food trucks for the first time since moving here.
3: Got some shopping done (which included both some practical stuff plus a half dozen bottles of Muscato at half price that we couldn't resist =)
4: Updated all my credit cards/bank accounts with my new address
5: Updated surveys for a couple Kickstarters and sent off a query about an online order that seems to have gone missing.
6: Posted to LJ/G+ for the first time in over two weeks =P

Things i hope to do during the rest of the day

7: Reorganize bookshelves in living room (well, get started at least, don't expect to finish today.)
8: Hang out with istgut, +Andrew Schoonmaker, thumbie and shamiksan