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Out of Date Post #1: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

On the relevant monday evening a couple weeks ago i went to see Day of the Doctor with Avalyn and her sister and a friend of theirs. We went to the showing at the South Bay Galleria, and i was a little sad that we didn't have time to stop by Mysterious Galaxy before the show. Avalyn got there early just in case there was a line. When she got there there wasn't anyone else around, and in fact the first theatre employee she talked to was apparently convinced the event had been canceled =P There certainly wasn't an obvious line, though it was a little hard to tell for sure since the theatres themselves were actually up an escalator from the lobby.

I got there 15-20 minutes later i think and since there was still no sign of any kind of crowd we decided to go get something to eat in the food court. We saw a couple other Doctor Who fans wandering around the food court and when we finished decided it would be a good idea to head back to the theatre. Since the other two hadn't shown up yet i went ahead and headed upstairs to get in line. It turned out there still wasn't really much of a line, there were only 7 people ahead of me. I spent most of my time in line playing Ridiculous Fishing on my new phone.

They actually let us into the theatre before the others showed up, so i grabbed the middle of the second row back from the divider. The other two showed up just about the point i was grabbing the seats but hadn't had anything to eat yet, so avalyn gave them their tickets and came in to join me well they went to get food. When she got in she said they had been handing out 3D glasses and asked if i had gotten any. I hadn't, so she ran out again to get me a pair, and then grumbled about how they hadn't told her that it was 3D when she ordered the tickets.

So then we both sat there playing with our new phones for awhile until the others finished their food and got back, just shortly before the time the show started up.

I didn't really make note of how many people were there for the showing. It was certainly seemed like a relatively large number of people for a special screening of a really geeky show to me, but the theatre wasn't nearly full either. I'd guess at least 50 people, maybe 100, but can't really give a better estimate than that.

The show itself, with spoilers

The little introduction bit about the 3D was kind of cute, but not worth the price of admission of having to wear those damn glasses. As usual the 3D alternated between interesting, annoying, and an eyestrain for about 5 minutes before i forgot about it entirely.

Despite having watched only the first season and a half of the new series i'd still picked up on the fact that Doctor Who was the last of the Time Lords because of some kind of war and that he'd been involved in it at some point. I hadn't really picked up on the fact that he was the one responsible for killing the other Time Lords (if that was even mentioned before) and i hadn't heard of the War Doctor before (i guess he was introduced in some other special) so i was confused for pretty much the entire time which of the Doctors he was supposed to be.

Other than that it was pretty easy to keep track of what was going on. I had a fun time overall, though i do think this is yet another step in the Serial Escalation that Doctor Who has been going through in the new series.

And for anyone interested in such things, io9 posted an interesting analysis of the show (Also obviously with spoilers.)

Also, perhaps i should look into finding/making a Doctor Who icon.
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