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Wednesday Meme Day: TV Shows

Like last week's book meme, but this time it's "List ten TV series that mean a great deal to you." And in my case, i'm appending "and explain a little bit about why."

This is harder, since i have a hard time following shows on TV. I frequently forget what's on when, and then forget to watch the latest episode, and then i'm behind and feel less compelled to watch the next episode, etc. Also note that i'm not including any anime. Though that might form the basis of a future list.

1: Transformers
- My favorite cartoon as a kid, though Thundercats was close behind. Acquired quite a number of the toys and went to see the movie in the theatre. But like all cartoons that weren't on saturday morning i had trouble catching episodes on a regular basis. Even at an early age i sucked at remembering to sit down at the TV at a regular time to catch a show. And it didn't help that a lot of the cartoons i liked were on a UHF station, and it was a coin toss on any given day whether the reception would be good enough to watch them or not. Eventually there was the Beast Wars sequel series, which took awhile to grow on me but i ended up quite liking (at least till the last season.) And then there were some other cartoons i didn't like as much, and then there were the Michael Bay movies... *shudder*

2: Almost Live
- I never got into SNL, however i loved Almost Live, a locally produced sketch show that was half generic comedy and half region specific comedy. Sadly it was canceled in 1999. It continued to run in syndication for quite awhile, and there have been a couple attempts to recreate something similar, including "The (206)" which started earlier this year and i still need to check out.

3: Babylon 5
- I liked the pilot episode, but didn't start watching the main series until i got to college and got sucked into the group watching it in the lounge. I think that happened midway through season 2. A large segment of the dorm watched the rest of 2 and all of seasons 3 and 4 that way. Season 5 started spring of my senior year. We watched some of that, but through some combination of being busy with trying to graduate and the drop in quality a lot of those episodes didn't get watched.

4: Firefly
- I actually managed to watch most of this while it was on the air, despite Fox's attempts to throw me off. I was a bit confused by the first episode and wondered if i'd actually missed the pilot, but no, that was just Fox too.

5: Futurama
- I liked the Simpsons (which like Babylon 5 got watched by large groups in the lounge at college) but Futurama was really more up my alley. I watched it pretty regularly for the first couple episodes, until the usual distraction and forgetfullnes set in, but got the DVDs later. I was sad when it was canceled, angry when Family Guy was brought back instead of Futurama, then happy when Futurama was brought back, then sad when it got canceled again.

- I'm not generally into the forensic-crime-drama-whatever shows. However during the year i spent unemployed i was flipping through channels and stumbled across the opening and immediately got sucked in by the music. And then i discovered Abby, the cute, gothy, geeky, lab girl, and was totally hooked. I saw almost all the episodes that first season, but then once i got my new job i wasn't as good about the second season, and it followed the usual pattern. However it helps that it gets repeated a lot so i often stumble across a marathon of it and watch several episodes at a time.

7: Daily Show & Colbert Report
- Not much to say about these. In a lot of ways they're a better produced national scale Almost Live, though obviously with more of a focus on current news.

8: True Blood
- shelleycat and i were both fans of the Sookie Stackhouse books and very excited about the idea of them getting proper treatment as a miniseries. We watched the first four seasons together. It definitely helped that by this time there as DVR technology so we didn't have to remember to sit down at the TV at an exact time.

9: Game of Thrones
- Given the quality of their treatment of True Blood i was excited when i heard about the Game of Throne miniseries, and convinced shelleycat to watch it with me even though she hadn't read the books. She ended up loving it and if anything we became even more addicted to that than True Blood. We watched the first season of that together.

10: Archer
- It's apparently been going for several years now, but i only found out about it this year thanks to Avalyn. It's an animated series about a spy agency with lots of humor based on sex and violence. Since i usually can't stand Family Guy and South Park (though the occasional episode without any poop or fart jokes is okay) this is my main source of animated "adult" comedy these days, what with Futurama getting canceled (again.)


Red Dwarf
- I originally encountered this during a PBS pledge marathon and loved it. Have bought the the series (or at least the earlier stuff) multiple times on VHS and DVD.

- As previously mentioned this was probably my second favorite cartoon as a kid. Quite possibly because it was about cats :) When viewing it as an adult it doesn't hold up even as well as Transformers does. But there was the reboot a couple years back that was quite good and sadly canceled after a single season.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
- Probably my third favorite cartoon as a kid. Quite possibly in large part because i had a crush on Firestar :) (Hmm, now that i think of it, she _may_ be my earliest media crush. Though it's hard to be sure at this late a date given my fuzzy childhood memories.)

Justice League
- Well okay, this gives Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends a run for the money, but it seemed harder to catch episodes of this.

Teen Titans
- Loved the "old" cartoon. I thought it had the perfect balance of serious plot and humor and loved the way they could bounce back and forth between the two in a single episode. Then they released the new version, which is all silly all the time and makes me sad.

- I loved the opening, and also the different take on superheroes compared to DC's Justic League. I'd never read the comics as a kid, so this was my real introduction to the whole non-Spider-Man Marvel franchise. It was also my only primary source for knowledge about such until the X-Men movies came out, although i picked up quite a bit of secondary knowledge from cultural osmosis.

Batman Beyond
- The only Batman cartoon i really got into. I loved the "set in an SF future" thing.

- The only other British TV series i really got into besides Red Dwarf, up until the new Doctor Who came along. Also the one show that i particularly associate with thaisa, since she introduced me to it.

Robot Chicken
- They occasionally delve into the poop/fart/vomit kind of humor that i dislike, but at least when they do that the format dictates it will be over soon. The individual segments can be very hit or miss, but the hits are quite good.

- I found out about the existence of this show the first time i went to BayCon (the first "pure" SF convention i ever went to.) There were a lot of references to "save the cheerleader, save the world." So when i got home i started watching it, and was amazed by the first season. It probably also helped that i started watching it just about the time i started dating shelleycat and she got into it too. And then the writer's strike happened and the later seasons went to total crap.

- I was excited to hear that Nathan Fillion was getting a new series, and i definitely like Castle, but not quite enough to have bothered DVRing it or getting the DVDs, at least not yet. Like NCIS though it's often repeated, so i've caught quite a number of episodes out of order.

It probably says something about me that, despite excluding anime, if you combine the top ten and the runners-up about half of the stuff is animated :)

Also a notable lack of sitcoms. I really can't stand canned laugh tracks.
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