DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Friday Fun Stuff

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy, so i'm going to just toss out a couple quick things.

First, a pair of videos.

A while back a VFX studio, "Big Lazy Robot", put out a fake trailer for a movie about a robot revolution. It's so well done that supposedly they've been contacted by studios interested in actually making the movie.


Then, just to prove they also have a sense of humor, the same studio then released this awesomely cute and funny video. It is also about robots, but in every other way is entirely different from "Keloid". Without having been told i would never have guessed both videos were from the same studio. (And just in case anyone wants to get offended, they have supposedly said that it's about smartphones in general (the iPhone just being the most iconic) and that they all own smartphones and are poking fun at themselves as much as anyone else.)


So re: that whole Day of the Doctor thing a couple weeks back (which i do have a post about coming, believe it or not) BBC put together an interactive timeline of every Doctor which is pretty cool to play around with.

Finally, someone put together a textual analysis comparing Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter. The results are both interesting and amusing.

There was also some humorous commentary about it over on io9, especially in regards to what a similar analysis for Game of Thrones might yield :)
Tags: fun stuff

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