DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Cyber Monday Deals

It figures. If i'd just waited a few more weeks i could have gotten my Moto X for $150 less =P

I've certainly enjoyed having the phone these past two weeks, but i think given perfect foresight i could have waited a little longer. The deal is only for the developer edition and unlocked Moto Maker versions, which means it should be $350 or $400 depending on the amount of memory you get. However the Moto Maker site seems to be having some issues right now, so it might take a little bit of patience to actually get the deal.

Audible is doing it's semi-yearly $5 book sale. Amazon is doing their usual cyber monday stuff. I don't see anything particularly compelling there, though admittedly i haven't spent that much time looking yet.

Oh, and Diane Duane's ebook site is offering 50% off:

Any other cool deals i should be looking out for?
Tags: sales

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