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New Phone!

I have my Moto X now! (This post is mostly about the process of getting the phone set up.)

The 24ish hour delay in shipping meant that instead of arriving at work on friday it tried to show up there on saturday. I tried to have it sent to a nearby UPS office for pickup, but they said it was too late because the package was already on the truck. So rather than wait until the next redelivery attempt on monday i drove by the shipping facility, which actually wasn't that much farther away, and picked it up around 4.

Upon getting home i eagerly opened the package, although i already had a good idea of what to expect after helping Avalyn open hers the day before. (No really, she asked me to after she had trouble getting the box open.)

The phone is very pretty, with one minor exception. The personalization is effectively some kind of plasticish ink applied to the back, not an actual engraving like with the Nexus One. It does present the concern that it will just wear off after awhile (Avalyn has a case to protect hers, i'm not sure if i'm going to take any particular precautions) and doesn't stand out quite as much, but otherwise is okay. On hers at least. On mine, the bottom of the 'e' and 'G' are slightly messed up =P Not a huge deal, especially since it was free, but still a little disappointing.

I do like the electric blue accent, although for awhile it kept making me thing the power button was glowing or something :) I do wish there was a little more of the color though.

Also sitting on the doorstep when i got home was the T-Mobile prepaid nano-SIM card i'd ordered at the same time i bought the phone. However i decided to do basic phone setup and configuration before trying to get the new plan worked out.

I booted up the phone and got to see my personalized message there, though it would have been nice if i could have changed the logo as well. (I think i saw some people posting about having personalized screens as well as the message, but i didn't see that option on the Moto Maker page.)

I decided to experiment a little with the Motorola Migration app that was included. I was interested in transferring my call log and text messages, unfortunately it doesn't give you a choice about what exactly gets migrated over. So it started transferring 0.5 gigs of pictures and 5.5 gigs of music over the wireless connection. I watched it for a bit, then went to Del Taco to get some food, ate the food, then watched it for awhile more. Then researched stuff about the phone on the internet for awhile. Finally between two and three hours after starting the process it finished.

My research had led me to decide to unlock the bootloader but not to root the phone yet. The root method for the Moto X with 4.4 installed is still in beta. I'm not that familiar with hacking phones, so i decided i'd rather wait until the process was a little more established and ironed out. Oh yeah, my phone had already downloaded 4.4 by the time the migration was finished (actually, i think it finished in the first 30 minutes or so) so i'd gone ahead and installed that.

I spent 30 minutes or so installing apps and such before remembering that i still needed to unlock the bootloader. So i went ahead and did that... and it wiped everything on the device. I'd remembered having to deal with that with other devices, but somehow i'd been thinking it was rooting that wiped the memory, not unlocking the bootloader. However even if i'd remembered that right what i wouldn't have expected was that it wiped _everything_. Since there's no MicroSD card and _everything_ is stored in the internal memory all the pictured and movies i'd spent hours transferring got wiped as well =P =P =P

The second time i was smarter about it. I'd already backed up everything in my Nexus One to my PC just to be safe, so i deleted all the pictures and music from my Nexus One, copied the files directly from my PC to my Moto X (which took... 10-20 minutes?) and _then_ did the Motorola Migrate again. It still took longer than expected, but only 30-60 minutes this time.

I then reinstalled all the apps, did some configuration, and finally it was time for bed.

Oh yes, but one other thing about unlocking the bootloader. After finishing the process the phone rebooted and displayed the message "warning, bootloader unlocked" or something like that. Okay, fine whatever. Except the message reappeared the next time i booted my phone too, and the third. It seems that my personalized greeting has been permanently nuked by the "warning, unlocked bootloader" screen :(

When i got up on sunday i started re-researching the T-Mobile prepaid plans. I was planning on going with the $30 a month plan with unlimited web, unlimited texts, 100 minutes talk. The webpage said you could transfer an existing T-Mobile number to a prepaid plan, but since the people at the T-Mobile store didn't seem to think that was possible i decided to call the T-Mobile support line and check.

The first person i talked to said they thought it was possible, but they said they were going to get a prepaid specialist on the line to confirm. The hold music started up, and then a minute or two later the line went dead. So i called back, said that they had been transferring me to a prepaid specialist when the call was dropped, and they tried again. This time i got to talk to someone. I explained my concern, based on the fact that the plan i wanted said it was a web special only. They said that i would sign up for the prepaid plan on the site, and then call them back and they would transfer my old number to the plan.

So i went ahead and started going through the steps on the website. And on the second page there was a spot provided for me to transfer an old number over. I contemplated that for a bit. I worried based on what the representative had said that if i filled that out perhaps the plan i wanted wouldn't be available. But i eventually decided to risk it and put in my old number.

On the next page it let me choose my plan, and there was the plan i wanted. However it had an asterisk saying something along the lines of "available for new contracts and activations only." Well i wasn't a new contract, but it was an activation, and the option was available, so i picked it. And everything seemed to work fine. At the end they said that the activation had gone through but that it might take up to 24 hours for that to be reflected on my phones, and that i could add funds to my account now since my phone would be useless otherwise. So i went ahead and added $100 because A: there was some kind of expiration of 30 or 60 days for purchases of less than $100, while $100 and over were good for 365 days, and B: i might as well put in three months right now. Except that i ended up adding the auto-pay later, so i didn't really need to worry about that. When i finished that they said that it could take up to 60 minutes for the transaction to go through.

Before i'd even finished purchasing the funds i'd gotten a text saying my Moto X had been activated, so i figured the fund transaction ought to go equally quickly. But it didn't. After 5-10 minutes i stopped refreshing the T-Mobile account page and played a couple games to pass the time. Nothing at 30 minutes. Nothing at 60 minutes. Or 90. So two hours after i'd made the purchase i called up the T-Mobile prepaid support line (using the special *233 or some such code, since i couldn't call the regular 1-800 number without minutes) and pretty much said "WTH?" They checked my account and said a hold had been put on the payment because of security concerns. So i got to answer a bunch of stupid questions and they freed up the hold, and pretty much immediately after that my phone started working for real. Yay!
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