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Hell Hath Frozen Over

Yesterday Verizon started sending out OTA updates to the Moto X for KitKat (Android version 4.4)

One of the biggest benefits of the Nexus program is that they always get updates to the latest version of Android first. I regretted that a little when deciding on the Moto X instead of the Nexus 5, but i (and a lot of other people) figured that since Motorola belongs to Google now that they'll be a lot quicker in getting updates out than they used to be.

Even so it's a little surprising that some Moto X owners are getting updated to KitKat before all the Nexus updates have gone out. But what's really shocking is that the first carrier to get the update is Verizon.

For those not familiar with the carriers in general and Verizon in particular, Verizon is infamous for taking a very proprietary view of phones on their network. The lock down the bootloaders and they load them up with lots of bloatware. And then they have a tough time doing updates because they've got to integrate all their bloatware with the new code. So their updates are frequently slow, and then delayed, and then sometimes just canceled.

I wonder if this has anything to do with why Avalyn's phone was delayed a day. It was supposed to ship out yesterday but instead went out today. I won't be entirely surprised if it already has KitKat when it arrives, and if not it will certainly be getting it soon.

I sure hope T-Mobile gets on the ball soon, cause now not only is Avalyn going to get her phone before me, she's going to have KitKat for a at least a couple days before me. If that time stretches out into a week or more i will pout :)

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