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Getting a Moto X!

So the Moto X vs Nexus 5 review that i'd been waiting for has finally arrived! And the result is pretty much "Each of these phones has some advantages, but there is no clear overall winner."

Even though i'll have to pay $150 more for the off-contract version of the Moto X, i think it will be worth it to have a phone that i'm happy to hold in my hand, especially amortized over the expected lifetime. (Though i'm kind of hoping that expected lifetime will be a _little_ shorter than the three years and ten months that i've had my Nexus One =)

So now i just need to pick out the accent color and place an order. Speaking of which, thank you to the people who responded to the poll about that! ( However there are four of you who have responded so far, and the results are tied with one vote for each of the four colors, so you're absolutely no help at all! ;)

Oh yeah, and i need to figure out where to get a neoprene sleeve for the Moto X like the one that came with the Nexus One. I'm not concerned about dropping it, but i need something cushiony to stick it in so it doesn't get scraped up by the keys and pocket knife in my pocket.

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