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Friday Fun Stuff - Video Edition

Since the new Thor movie is coming out this week Screen Junkies decided they ought to do an Honest Trailer for the old Thor movie. I think maybe they were a little harsher on a couple points than is really deserved, but hey, it's all in good fun. And i do appreciate that they're willing to call out the gratuitous use of male abs in a movie in the same way as gratuitous use of female boobs in a movie. (cf. Star Trek Into Darkness)

And just prior to that, they did an Honest Trailer for Pacific Rim. They concluded that it was either the awesomest dumb movie ever, or the dumbest awesome movie ever, and given that this is Honest Trailers we're talking about i can live with that assessment.

And while i was looking at Sceen Junkie stuff i couldn't resist following the link to "Morgan Freeman Reads The Fox by Ylvis", in which they get four acclaimed actors to read lyrics from stupid songs.

Of course since i haven't linked it before, i suppose that means i ought to mention "The Fox" video. This is supposedly the viral song of the year or some such, but personally i think it's nowhere near as good as "Gangnam Style" or "Call Me Maybe", which is why i didn't link it when it first started going the rounds.

So far i've seen exactly one parody of it that i like, "What's Wolverine Say?"

Though admittedly i haven't really gone out looking for parodies since i don't like the song that much. In fact the only other one i've seen so far was the SNL skit one, which i thought was rather dumb.
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