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Ender's Game Poll

So Ender's Game comes out today, and i am rather conflicted.

Orson Scott Card is an ass. But the movie might be interesting. And i want more movies like this (in terms of general subject) to be made.

So i'm strongly leaning towards seeing the movie, but making a donation to offset the damage. The question is how much to donate and to who?

Poll #1941492 Ender's Game Donations

How Much?

$1 / person
$5 / person
$10 / person
1/4 ticket price
1/2 ticket price
Full ticket price
More! (Specify in comments)

To Whom?

Human Rights Campaign
Point Foundation
The Trevor Project
Some other group (Specify in comments)

(The "per person" will probably by Avalyn and i. We may go see the movies with others, but i probably won't accept responsibility for the full group.)

And yes, i know the movie rights deal was a straight fee to OSC. However don't try to tell me sales of Enders Game in particular and possibly all of his books in general hasn't already seen a boost due to the name recognition. That boost is only going to get bigger after the movie comes out, and to at least some degree will be based on the popular perception of the movie, which will in turn to at least some degree be influenced by how many people go to see it.

There's a popular saying that you should judge the art, not the artist. It's a theoretically admirably position, but it bogs down in reality.

There are two situations where i feel it's okay to judge the artist.

1: The artist does things that directly lessen your enjoyment of their work.

2: You feel the artist is harmful to society.

The counter arguments i generally hear are

A: But you're missing out on great works of art!

B: It's a slippery slope, because no one is perfect so pretty soon you'll have decided not to read anything!

C: And that's especially true of old dead artists, because people back then believed crazy things!

My counter-counter-arguments are

A: There are more authors out there than i can possibly read. There are even more great authors than i can possibly read. If i don't read the books by author X then i'll just spend that time reading books by author Y instead.

B: Nobody's perfect, but not everyone is crazy enough to make me avoid all their work. And in particular i don't even care if they have crazy views as long as they're not either pushing those views through their books (in which case i probably wouldn't like the books anyways) or actively campaigning for their views.

C: Old dead authors in particular aren't actively campaigning for anything anymore. H.P. Lovecraft, just to pick an author who came up recently, was amazingly racist and misogynistic. However he's dead, so buying his books and enjoying them doesn't do any harm.

So the problem with OSC is that he's alive and he's actively campaigning for things i find abhorrent. And since i've already read his stuff i already know i like it (at least the early stuff, before his political views started to leak into his work.)

And complicating the issue a great deal, any movie with the amount of investment in it that Ender's Game has received automatically ends up being a test case for _something_, and movie studios are notoriously poor at learning the right lessons if a movie does badly.

"Mars Needs Moms" did badly in theatres? Clearly the problem was the word "Mars" in the title! So let's change the name of "John Carpenter of Mars" to just "John Carpenter"!

If Ender's Game does poorly then Hollywood may not decide "maybe we shouldn't make movies based on books by authors with loudly outspoken views against homosexuality and who thinks liberals are a cancer on society", they may decide "maybe we shouldn't make any more hard SF space opera movies" or maybe even just "maybe we shouldn't make movies based on SF novels period".
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