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Week in Review: Club, Cadillac Margaritas, and Concert

I went up to Avalyn's on saturday and stayed up both saturday and sunday night (my kitty was very anxious to see me when i got home =/) A friend of her and her sister's was in town and we spent some time hanging out together. And then they decided we should all go to Malediction. This was the first time Avalyn and i have been to a club in... a little over a month i think? In any case it was quite fun. We really ought to do it more often, although as usual the whole having to get up to go to work the next morning thing is a pain =P

Then tuesday night we went to the Danny Elfman concert. It was at the Nokia Theatre, which i've been at a couple times before, once for Video Games Live and a couple times for Anime Expo.

We got there about an hour and a half before we were supposed to be at the theatre, so we started looking around for someplace to eat. I suggested the Yardhouse of course, but when we saw the crowd in there i was not surprised when they told us the wait was about an hour and a half. Avalyn and her sister thought we should check all the other restaurants around to see if any of them had a shorter wait. I predicted pretty confidently that they wouldn't, and was entirely correct. Even the Carvery had a huge line outside. Apparently there was a Lakers game going on (some relatively special one? First game of the season or something?) which was mainly responsible for the crowd.

Eventually as we were walking down Figueroa, after giving up on the fourth or fifth place we checked, Avalyn pointed across the street at a roof peeking up from the next street over and said something along the lines of "that's a really good little mexican place that i've been to before", and we figured since it wasn't on the main thoroughfare that _maybe_ it wouldn't be too bad. When we got over there we were told the wait was about 45 minutes, which was better, but after the amount of time we'd spent wandering around wasn't quite good enough. We wandered to the back to check out the bar and found that it was full as well, and we were standing around thinking of ordering some drinks over the head of the bar-goers, when a few minutes later the four people directly in front of us finished up and offered us their seats. Score!

It was only when we were handed the menus that i realized where i'd heard the name, El Cholo, before. I'd actually been to the one in the OC as part of a work team building event. I was a little sad that none of our menus was the one with the picture of the old post-Prohibition Era menu on the back.

We ordered a set of Cadillac Margaritas and i decided to get a chimichanga (which i've never had before) and Avalyn and her sister decided to get... i forget, but some vegetarian thing which the specifically ordered with no cheese because Avalyn's sister is a vegan. I'd just about finished my drink by the time the time my food arrived, and decided to order another even though i was already feeling rather tipsy. Avalyn and her sister decided to join in on the order as well. Then when their food arrived it showed up... covered in cheese. They told the server that it was supposed to be no cheese and he said okay and took it back. Then the bartender came back (she was obviously running back and forth all over the place given how busy it was) and found out and apologized. And then she gave us the second round of drinks for free. And made the floater shots double the size they'd been before. I was seriously tipsy by the time we had to leave, and none of us got more than about halfway through that second drink.

So we walked back to the theatre and met some other friends of theirs who were also going and went inside. I'd had the sense to leave my bad with the camera in it behind, but didn't think the Nokia security people would complain about my Nexus 7. They said tablets weren't allowed, i said it didn't have a camera. Which is half true. It doesn't have a real camera, it just has a dinky little ~1 megapixel front facing camera that you can't really take pictures with. (It's intended for chat programs.) Meanwhile of course they ignored my phone, which has a much better camera, despite being over three years old, and of course were ignoring everyone else's phones, most of which had much better cameras than that. They finally let me in after i promised not to film anything.

So we went inside and found our seats, and watched multiple people in the rows ahead of us taking pictures and recording film with their phones.

The concert itself was good, though also somewhat melancholy. shelleycat was a big Jack Skellington fan, so obviously the Nightmare Before Christmas part of the concert made me think about her quite a bit. They covered, in order: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks, Big Fish, Batman/Batman Returns, Planet of the Apes, Corpse Bride, Dark Shadows, Frankenweenie, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, and then an encore of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Danny Elfman came out to sing for the Nightmare Before Christmas songs but was otherwise mostly unseen. Oh yeah, and i was surprised to learn via twitter imemdiately before the concert than Danny Elfman used to be a member of Oingo Boingo. Of course i was also unaware of his involvement with at least 25% of the movies above. Needless to say i was far from the biggest Elfman fan there :) But i had my Kingdom Hearts/Nightmare Before Christmas shirt and i had fun.
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