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Webcomics and Podcasts

So since it was suggested that if i'm interested in new webcomics or podcasts i really ought to say which i like, here's my history with the two media. Or at least as best as i can recall:


- Currently updated and currently reading:

Questionable Content (
The Devil's Panties (
xkcd (
Freefall (
Penny Arcade (though lately i seem to reconsider almost every time Gabe opens his mouth.) (
The Trenches (
PvP (
VG Cats (though in this case "currently updated" means about one strip every 3-6 months.) (

- Currently updated (as far as i know,) but i'm way behind:

Antihero For Hire (
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (
The Order of the Stick (
Schlock Mercenary (

- Currently updated (as far as i know,) and when someone reminds me it exists i'll check out some of the latest comics:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (
Dinosaur Comics (
The Oatmeal (
Oglaf (Usually NSFW) (

- Read but got tired of:
(Reasons for the tiredness vary. In some cases CerebusSyndrome. In some cases CreatorBreakdown or FilibusterFreefall. In some cases they just got old.)

Sluggy Freelance (
User Friendly (
Sinfest (
Something Positive (
Ctrl+Alt+Del (
MegaTokyo (
Red String (
The Boondocks (
Perki Goth and Candi Raver (Link seems to be dead)
Clan of the Cats (

- Used to read, but the comic finished:

Ozy and Millie (
Adventurers! (
DM of the Rings (
Darths & Droids (I think i finished this at least? (Actually i think i got to the end of the prequels part, looks like they've started in on the original trilogy since then.)) (

- Used to read, but the comic died in mid-stream

Dragon Tails (
Acid Reflux (
Starsomething (
RPG World (
The Wings of Change (

- Finished comics that i'm partway through, and intend to catch up on... someday

8-Bit Theater (
Narbonic (

Comics that i know i really ought to be reading, but haven't dived in yet:

Girl Genius (


The first podcast i discovered was the now defunct "Endgame Radio", ( which was an awesome mix of both unusual electronicish and goth/industrial music and game news/discussion. I'm not sure exactly when i started listening to it, but file timestamps and old LJ posts suggest sometime early in 2006. They were pretty much the only podcast i listend to until they trailed off in mid-2008. (They made a brief one episode comeback almost exactly one year later, but then immediately fell silent again.) They still count as my favorite podacast and i'm sad that i've never found anything else with quite that format.

When it was clear that Endgame Radio was going on hiatus (though it wasn't clear at the time how permenant that haitus was going to be) i started looking around for other podcasts. I found at least a half-dozen or so, but there were three that i decided to stick with. 1UP Yours (, HotSpot (link seems to have expired), and ReadMoreSciFi (also seems to be dead). The last of those died almost immediately after i found it, but 1UP Yours and HotSpot continued on, under a lot of different names in the case of 1UP Yours, for quite awhile. HotSpot died along with the GameSpot website in early 2012 and 1UP Yours/Listen Up/Games Dammit ( died along with in early 2013. Yours did run into a few roadblocks along the way. They had a big set of layoffs during the 2008-2009 holidays after one of the acquisitions they were a part of, and some of the people who left started their own podcast, RebelFM (, which is currently still going.

In early 2009 a very interesting podcast called "A Life Well Wasted" ( started, going for more of a "60 minutes" in depth reporting on particular subjects. It produced five episodes in just under a year, then a 6th episode in 2010 and a seventh episode in 2013.

Then in late 2009 Garnett Lee left Listen UP and several months later in early 2010 he started Weekend Confirmed (, which is also currently ongoing.

At the same time Garnett Lee left 1UP Jeremy Parish started "1UP Active Time Babble" (, a RPG specific podcast, which was taken over by Kat Bailey after awhile, moved to GamePro as "Roleplayer's Realm" for about six months until GamePro folded, then moved back to 1UP under the original name until 1UP folded.

Also in mid 2010 ( started doing a podcast, also currently ongoing.

Then in early/mid 2012 i downloaded some podcasts from Giant Bombcast ( and Joystiq ( which i planned to check out and see if i wanted to add to my regular schedule, but that was right about the point i lost heart and stopped listening to podcasts for awhile.

So the currently active podcasts that i plan to start listening to again, once i've got all the files downloaded and organized, are Weekend Confirmed, Rebel FM, RPGFan, and possibly Giant Bombcast and Joystiq.


So that's the current state of affairs. If anyone has any suggestions, or comments about the stuff i read/listen to, or wants to share reminiscenes of the things that have died, feel free!
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