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29 October 2013 @ 01:06 pm
The Gaming Intelligence Agency  
I just found out from kirinn that the GIA exists again! In fact it's existed since July and somehow i didn't find out until now! (I'm blaming kirinn ;)

The old GIA started in 1998 and they announced the closing of the site in 2002 as an April Fools' joke. (The joke of course being that it wasn't a joke.) Then this July they decided to announce, via their new twitter feed, "Okay, it's been twelve years. I think they fell for it." (Although if i'm doing my math right, it's actually only been 11 years =)

They were the first "casual" game news site i can remember that did regular updates, and i was really sad to see them go. GamesAreFun popped into existance for awhile and filled kind of the same niche, but then they died. 1UP.com also filled the same general niche, but then they died to.

It's hard to tell at this point if the new GIA will live up to the potential of the old GIA, but i'm certainly hoping. Although the thing i actually remember most about them was their _other_ April Fools day posts.
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Kirin: FetchQuestkirinn on October 31st, 2013 04:38 pm (UTC)
Huh, I could have sword I re-tweeted something about their re-emergence at the time. I also actually called them out on their meta-non-april-fools *before* they officially confirmed the new revived site, but that was probably @-replies that wouldn't show up in your feed.

And like I mentioned in the other post, you should try checking out USGamer too if you haven't already. They have a lot of similar interesting-feature-centric writing over there, as well as a feed of current events and some general industry stuff.