DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Month of the Geek

November has turned into a pretty busy month for geeky stuff

The first weekend, Nov 1st - 3rd, Avalyn and i are flying up to San Francisco for Convolution. Oh by the way everyone in San Francisco, Avalyn and i are going to be up there Nov 1st through Nov 3rd :) We're pretty much planning on staying at the con the whole time since we haven't rented a car or anything, but if anyone else is going to be at the con or feels like stopping by for a bit let us know! :)

Two weekends later, on Nov 16th, we're tentatively thinking of going to the Geeks Who Drink Doctor Who quiz. I don't expect we'll do very well (i'm still in the middle of season 2 of the new stuff and have never seen any of the old stuff) but it seems like it ought to be fun, even if (unlike the weekly Geeks Who Drink quizzes) there's a $5 per person entrance fee. The one downside is that the only location for LA is in Glendale. However they said they're looking into adding more venues so we're hoping one will get added a bit closer.

And this morning Avalyn just picked up tickets for us and her sister to go to a Day of the Doctor showing on the 25th. Apparently the simulcast showings on the 23rd sold out instantly, which is sad because one of them was at the Bella Terra, right next to me. Unfortunately it was one of only two showing in LA, which is presumably why it sold out instantly.

Then the last weekend of the month, Nov 29th - Dec 1st, is LosCon.

Oh yeah, and on top of all that, as usual November is National Novel Writing month. Every couple years i sign up for that and then fail miserably, partly through writer's block, partly through procrastination, and partly through having too much other stuff going on at the same time. This year seems like it's going to have even more of that last bit than usual.
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