DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Not enough posting

Blargh! I've been horrible about posting lately!

What have i been up to? Uh, went to a halloween party/movie showing with Avalyn and some of her friends. Been doing the weekly trivia thing. Been paying more attention to Nexus 5 rumors than i probably ought. (Note that that's "paying more attention to", not "blindly buying into.")

Been playing lots of the 3DS mini games, which has gotten even easier to do since Nintendo recently updated the StreetPass system to let you encounter multiple people per tag, so instead of resetting the Mac address on my access point ten times to get a full roster i can do it just three or four times now. (I think once or twice it may even have filled up after just two addresses.)

I've gotten all but two or three tickets for the Warrior game (and those last two or three are gonna take foreeeever) and have 68 or so plants out of 80 in the gardening game. I'm on floor 23ish of Monster Manor and have a decent set of weapons that are all at max level and am just waiting to collect a good top tier weapon with a Rank 3 skill attached that i can max out for my final weapon. I haven't actually been playing the shooter game, just because that takes so much longer than the others. I am wondering though if i actually do manage to collect all the tickets in all four games, will that actually be enough to buy all the hats? Perhaps i ought to look for some kind of faq, preferably with images, so i can figure out which hats i really want to buy.

Still debating about when/if to drop my cable subscription. And if i want to try to get through the several month backlog of Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes on my DVR first. (And yes, i know it's a somewhat silly concern since you can view episodes online, but it is kind of convenient to do it via DVR instead.)

I also need to decide what to do about my climbing gym membership. My wrist is well enough that i could start going again, but i'm not sure when i'd fit the time in what with the visits up to Avalyn's place plus gaming nights twice a week plus trivia night once a week. I guess mondays and alternate fridays are currently open?

Oh, and on that note i'm wondering if my foot is well enough to start doing Zombies Run 5k again. Though maybe i should invest in some actual running shoes before doing that. Is it possible to do that for a reasonable price? Can i just go down to payless and spend $20-$50 bucks on some sneakers without worrying about it too much?
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