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Kickstarter Stuff - Galactic Civilizations 3 and Worlds of Magic

Haven't done one of these in awhile.

First, Stardock has just announced that Galactic Civilizations 3 is in production, and they've decided to do their own Kickstarter sans-Kickstarer. You can spend $40 to get beta access and a copy of the full game on release. You can also spend $100 to get alpha access, a copy of the game, all future expansions and DLC, and get to name a planet.

I'm actually kind of tempted by the $100 package. I did buy all the expansions and such for GalCiv 2. Of course i do wonder what the game is going to be like. GalCiv 2 was very different from the original GalCiv in the same way as Master of Orion 2 was very different from the original Master of Orion, and likewise the sequels were both fun in very different ways from the originals. So i figure they'll also make a lot of changes in the third game. I'm just hoping that GalCiv 3 doesn't follow in the footsteps of Master of Orion 3, which i pre-ordered at the time and got rather burned on.

On a very thematically related note, i believe that way back when i mentioned that there was a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to the old "Master of Magic" game, called "Worlds of Magic".

They recently started a second-round Kickstarter to try and raise a little more money. On the one hand i'm a bit suspicious of projects that try to do a second round of funding. However on the plus side they do seem to be handling it the right way. The second Kickstarter is just to add bonus content above what was already funded in the first Kickstarter, and the demo videos they've released seem to indicate they're still on track for getting that first set of Kickstarter stuff done. Any of the backers from the first Kickstarter get all the bonus stuff from the second Kickstarter if they contribute $1, so it seems like it's mainly an attempt to attract new investors who might have missed out the first time, not extract more money from those who've already invested.

And i have to admit, i've lost track of the number of times i've seen someone post something on various forums about some really cool sounding Kickstarter, only to discover that it had already closed long before i first heard about it, so in that sense having a second round is something i can appreciate.

Also, in addition to the Kickstarter they're also trying to get the game greenlit on Steam, and say they're pretty close to getting enough votes.
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